The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

Some people have heard of it. Some have not. Even for those who have heard of it. What is it really? Well to start off. I hate the word "diet" it's such a terrible word and it immediately does something to our brains into thinking we are going to be deprived of foods and just feel miserable. So actually let's go with lifestyle. The way I view Paleo, is I see it as a lifestyle and the way to live. It's not a diet that you start up one month and three months later your back to your old eating habits. I have touched on what Paleo is. But I wanted to create a post that strictly describes it, so it's here for future reference. 

To get you thinking Paleo. Let's take a journey back in time...most people like to say the caveman times. But lets be more realistic here. How about back in time when everyone grew their own fruits, vegetables, and grains. They raised their own meats, such as chicken and cows. And caught their own fish right out of fresh streams/lakes/or oceans. Maybe you have an image in your head of what those times were like. Here's a visual to help: 

Now I'm not sure when this picture was taken, but it just shows you how simple things were back then. Most people worked as farmers, or on a farm. And those who didn't, bought their food from the locals. They didn't add anything like chemicals to their foods, or additives that will make their foods last longer. They didn't have a McDonalds that they would pull up to in their horse and carriage. Things were simple back then. Now back then, people will say well they didn't live as long, and there were many diseases, so how can the way they ate be better than today's view on food. Well I'll answer that simply, they didn't have the right medical technology that we have today. If they did, they may have had higher age numbers than we have today. 

What I'm trying to get at and help you understand, is that our bodies don't need all that processed, extra stuff that is in foods today. Our bodies are programmed to thrive off of foods made from the earth, and meat. You see, I believe we were made from dirt, if you have other views that's ok. But if we were made from dirt, why in the world would you be putting Red Dye #2, artificial flavors, GMOs, etc in your body! We aren't made to process that stuff. 

Here's the foods to eat when following the Paleo Lifestyle

It may seem like that is the only things you can eat. But there is so many combinations you can make. Also, spices are your best friend. You can use any spice you like. Except salt, keep salt to a very minimum. You can also treat yourself every now and then. I have gotten so used to eating this way, that I don't really crave any other foods. Or have the desire to eat them. Once you get your body used to eating this way, you will slowly not crave the processed foods. 

As you can see this chart doesn't show any dairy. In the paleo diet, some dairy is allowed. But it's really recommended that you eliminate dairy for awhile. Eating paleo also means you are cutting out wheat. So you'll be eating gluten free as well. 

I hope this list helps and gives you a good idea of the type of foods to eat!