Friday, October 6, 2017

Choose Love

Today I decided to just let go and choose love.

Of course every day I spend with my girl I love her more. And I make sure each day she feels loved.

But you see Mom life isn't just about caring for your littles. It's cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, being a wife, working, and everything in between. Life changes so much when you have a baby. Your mind is filled with so many to-do lists that you can sometimes  forget to just stop. Look around. And be thankful for the life you have in the moment.

I'm guilty. So guilty.

I'll get so stressed and tense because the laundry needs folded, kitchen is a mess, groceries need bought, and a million other things need done.
All while feeding, caring, and playing with a little one.
Sounds impossible doesn't it?  I never realized how much time I had in a day before Ellie, but some days there's still not enough time to get everything done.

Today I choose not to worry. Because those dishes will get put away, laundry will get folded and put away.

But Ellie, she's only this little once. She's growing by the hour and every time I blink she looks a little bit older.

Instead of worrying how am I supposed to keep up with everything. I just let it go. I'll get things done, but maybe not in the time frame I had planned. Because what is most important is I focus on being a mom and creating special moments for my little girl. I want to create a life for her that she doesn't feel the stress I feel, and that she knows she's always the most important.

Is it hard to let go of things and go with the flow?

Yes. This is something that I struggle with constantly. I like to be in control and control how things go. But sometimes I need to just let everything happen and relax.

Everyone needs a day where they worry less about how they are ever going to get everything done. And just focus on their children.
Play any game they want, study their little faces, take in all their giggles, and let them tell you stories their little minds have created.

Because tomorrow, they will be older and want to play a different game and their little face will look just a little bit different.
I can promise you, you will never regret stopping and pausing your busy to-do list, to play, snuggle, or just talk to your little one. You will be amazed how full your heart feels afterwards.

So make a promise to yourself, spouse, and children to at least take one day(or more) out of each week to just let go of everything and spend quality time with each other.

And choose love, because without we have nothing. And the world needs more love.