Sunday, July 9, 2017

Living Proof Hair Care

Being a mom, I know it can be hard to take time for yourself. But it is something pretty important to do to feel "normal" 
For me I make sure I get up before Ellie does to get myself ready for the day. And I usually have a few minutes to myself (which this is usually on the weekends since I work during the week) but even if I stayed at home I would still do the same thing.
I get a lot of questions regarding my hair and what I use in it. So here I'll answer the top ones. 

Is your hair color natural? YES. YES. YES. Seriously people ask me this...there is no added color to my hair. It actually can get quite annoying that people think it's dyed... 

Is your hair naturally straight or curly? It is naturally straight/wavy. 

Is it thick or thin? It's pretty thin, and the texture is fine. So I'm limited in what I can do with my hair. 

How long does it take to curl? About 10 minutes.

Those are the main ones I can think of. If you have any others feel free to message me! I'll add them in.

I'm always on the search for new products and products to help my routine of getting ready faster. 
Lately I've been loving the Living Proof hair care line. I wish I found this sooner because my hair hasn't felt this healthy in between trims. 

I go between loving the Timeless and Frizz collection.

One product in particular I'm obsessed with is the In Shower Styler. This is a brand new product from Living Proof. I was so scetipcal that this would do anything. Like how could something work in the shower and you just let your hair air dry? Please...if I let my hair air dry I'll look like a poof ball. 
With a bunch of skepticism I tried it anyway. 

OH MY GOODNESS. My hair dried, and there was no frizz it was soft and had a slight wave to it that actually gave my hair body which is something else my hair lacks. How amazing! And even more amazing that all I have to do after my shower is brush my hair and that's it. 
I'm completely sold.

 I did receive this as a free product to review and this post is sponsored by Living Proof. I do buy Living Proof products but the In Shower Styler and Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner I received free to review. But I completely love these products and will continue to buy!