Thursday, June 29, 2017

Making Mealtime Fun

How many of you have a toddler or child who is a picky eater?
Is mealtime stressful because of quickly trying to get food on a plate and worrying the whole time if they'll eat what you just spent an hour making? Or as soon as you sit down, take a bite, your child decides they don't like the food and spit it out and throw everything on the floor?

My once amazing eater has turned into a picky toddler. Don't get me wrong, she loves food but she decides what she likes and when. One day she loves chicken, the next day she hates it.

I think I have found a solution to overcoming those picky days, And making mealtime more fun and less stress.

My solution: Dylbug
Dylbug is a company created by a stay at home mom who wanted to help her children, and others, eat healthy in a playful way.
Seriously...I cannot handle the cuteness of Dylbug mealtime plates, bowls, cutters and placemats. Mealtime has been SO fun lately. I don't know who has more fun, Ellie eating the creations or me putting the creations together!

Here's a glimpse of our most recent meals.

Breakfast: Pancake Princess- Gluten free pancake dress, egg crown, and strawberries.

Lunch: Garden Kitty- Gluten free chicken nuggets, cheese, Harvest snaps sticks, peas, fruit

Dinner: Floral Bunny- Chicken, veggies flowers, fruit bow

If you follow my blog, you would have read that Ellie HATES spaghetti. I've never met a child who didn't like it. But mine does. Well did. I tried ONE more time using her "Ellexia" plate and making a tutu out of the noodles and just letting her dip the noodles into the sauce. At first she was hesitant. But then she tried it and ended up eating all of that and asking for more! I didn't put to much on her plate to start (so no, I'm not depriving my child) but I wanted to just see if she would eat it.

You want to know the best part since we switched all of Ellie's plates and bowls over to Dylbug? She eats EVERYTHING and she has such a fun time eating too. Mealtime has been less stressful for me (unless she starts yelling at me because I'm taking too long making her plate) but I will let her pick out her plate of choice and that usually helps the process.

Dylbug has so many plate and bowl options that you will find a few that your little one will love. One of our favorites is the girl and you can customize the person to resemble your little one! And add their name on the plate as well.

The placemats have come in handy so many times. I never thought about using one until I bought Dylbug’s placemat and it has saved so much from going onto the floor or table. My little girl likes to pull the placemat as close to her as possible so she can see it.
The back of each placemat has the alphabet and even though Ellie isn’t two yet, we go over the alphabet and we point to each letter. So from catching food, to helping your little one with learning their letters, a placemat is a must!

There is also food cutters, to help make a dress or shirt and pant set for your little plate character!

Head over to Dylbug now and get your little one a new mealtime set!
Use code: friendsandfamily15 for a discount off your order

I can promise you, mealtime will be so much more fun for the whole family! I can't wait until Ellie is old enough to make her own creations!