Friday, June 16, 2017

18-20 Month Update


18-20 months


In just 4 months I'm going to have a TWO year old. 

But each month brings something new. I am really enjoying her age right now. She is so fun, and funny. And her imagination seems to be developing even more because she is starting to play by herself and make her animals & people "talk" and walk.

But this age seems to be challenging as well. It seems like she is just trying to figure out how life works and she pushes her boundaries. Often. Although she has her share of meltdowns and whines, she does understand that no means no. And that’s the end of the story. Of course this will make her upset and cry but after she gets over it she won’t come back to it or if she does she will “no no” haha ohh..toddlers…

Weight: 27 lbs

Height: For some reason her doctor didn’t measure her height the last time we were there. 

Hair Color: Blonde, very blonde. And it is growing! I am able to do the tiniest little ponytail now!

Diaper Size: Size 5. Even though they are big, I rather her wear bigger diapers.

Clothes Size: 18-24 months. 24 months is a little big on her. But for the summer months I am buying 24 months in case she has a growth spurt!

Eats: Picky, picky, picky. I have learned that if I just put her plate in front of her and basically ignore her. She will eat everything. But the second I try and help, she's done and wants nothing to do with food....
Current favorites: Pancakes, fruit, peas, chicken, quinoa, green beans(I call them green French every time), hummus, yogurt, cheese and crackers. She still eats almost everything. But has her days where she won't eat much.
Least favorite foods: Spaghetti...what child doesn't like spaghetti?! Mine. I've tried multiple times and she just plays with it and spits it out. She actually doesn't care for noodles in general. Rice is also another thing she doesn't like. And she won't eat meat unless it has ketchup or bbq sauce on it.

Stay tuned for an extra special post on how we like to make meal time more fun!

Personality: I hope one day this girl is an actress because she is so dramatic and can go from one mood to the next in a second. But most of the time she is a big sweetheart, and is pretty silly as well. She's constantly doing things to make us laugh. Like the other day she kept “falling” off of her little ride on car because we kept saying “oh no! Ellie you poor girl!” She loves to do things that really get our attention and she makes sure we are watching her. She is also momma’s little helper and shadow. She wants to see everything I’m doing and help in her own way. When I’m folding clothes, I’ll look over and see that she is trying to fold too. (oh my heart!) Or if I say I need to clean and vacuum, she runs over pulls all of her toys out because that’s what I do and grabs her vacuum.

Words: She is now to the point of trying to say small sentences and putting words together. It's pretty surprising when she will say "I want drink" or "Thank you Mama" We have please and Thank you down pretty well. She is so polite and always asks please and says thank you when needed. She will even make sure she tells ME to say Thank you to her...
The more words she learns, the more demanding she has gotten. It's nice knowing that she can now tell me what she wants. But at the same time she will get frustrated if she can't have what she is asking for. I guess she just doesn't quite understand that she doesn't get everything she says. 
Her most favorite is “why”
She will want us to explain EVERYTHING to her. Sometimes I get a little annoyed, but I know she is just a curious little thing and wants to learn.
But seriously….why “why” already?!

Favorite Activities& Toys: Anything that involves being outside. This girl will grab her sunglasses, hat, and tell me to put on her shoes because she has had enough of being inside. So outside she loves to push her baby in the stroller, play with chalk, bubbles, run freely, play at the park, and I could go on and on. 

Since it is finally warm we let her play in a baby pool at my parents’ house and she loved it. We certainly have a water baby! I think she played in it for an hour. Completely content.
Inside she still loves her kitchen and will cook for me. And make me coffee....this girl knows the way to her mama's heart. She takes care of all of her babies and kitty cats by feeding them. She really loves any toy that captures her interest in that moment. She is also obsessed with her Little People Barn. She loves all of the animals and will sing E-I-E-I-O pretty much all day.

In just a few short months we will be celebrating her second birthday. I’m already in the process of planning and I CANT WAIT! Since I’m doing it a theme of one of her favorite things, I know she’s going to love it.