Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Toddler Skin Care Routine{California Baby Products Review}

Today I'm sharing my favorite skin products for babies and toddlers. As well as my daughter's skin care routine.

I have loved Babyganics and did a review here. But with the winter air, it just wasn't enough for my daughter's skin. She was covered in Eczema and some were even starting to scab over. I tried a few creams specific to Eczema but nothing helped long term. I was frustrated because nothing was helping. I changed our laundry soap to an all natural, no fragrance detergent, skipped fabric softener, and used wool dryer balls, and I was almost to the point of doing an elimination diet, but since it wasn't just specifically to one spot. I didn't feel like that would help. Of course some suggested giving her a bath only a few times a week, but there's no way we could take bath time away from her. She loves it and it helps calm her down for bedtime.

I searched and searched for a new skin care brand and kept reading reviews on California Baby about how amazing it was. I didn't even care about the cost at this point because I just wanted to calm her skin down. So I picked up the Eczema cream and the body/shampoo wash to start. I stopped using any other brand of soap or lotion to see if the switch would help. Well in just a few days her skin was softer. Which if we put lotion on in the morning, it would still feel dry. But her skin would still be soft by bath time and when she woke up in the morning.

I immediately bought bubble bath, the everyday lotion, and conditioner.

Bubble Bath: Overtired and Cranky: 

I love this bubble bath! Not only does it smell really good. I feel like it does help calm her down. Usually she can be quite opinionated around bath time, especially after and I noticed that she will just go with the routine when we use this. It's fragranced with essential oils which is a plus to me. Also it comes with a bubble wand to blow bubbles, something else my daughter really loves. And of course it makes tons of bubbles!

Eczema Cream:

This is like the holy grail of California Baby's products in my book because it saved my daughter's skin. It turned her terrible rough dry skin, back to that baby soft that it should be. I will forever use this. Unless of course her skin starts to react to that. But for now, this is a staple in her skin care routine.

Everyday Lotion: 

The Eczema cream is pretty pricey and doesn't last to long (my only complaint) so we use this everyday lotion in the morning. It's so light and the fragrance isn't to harsh so I barely notice it. I will use the Calendula Cream along with the everyday lotion for the daytime. 

Body Wash/Shampoo:

I use this for her body wash and shampoo. It lasts so long because you don't need much at all. It hasn't made her skin flare up at all. 

Calendula Conditioner: 

This is amazing! It has calendula in it, which is a main ingredient in most of the lotions to help soften skin. It makes her hair super soft, and has really improved her dry scalp.

Toddler's skin care routine.
I have done a routine with her ever since she was born. It's so important that we take care of our baby's skin. Especially super sensitive. I believe all baby's skin is sensitive, and it's so important to use the best products for them.

Night time: Bath: Bubbles (about twice a week), body wash, shampoo, conditioner. I always make sure to rinse off extra bubbles before getting her out of the tub since they can dry her skin.
Lotion: She has no patience for this part, but I make sure to put the Eczema cream all over. Including her face and scalp. I will also use the diaper rash cream once a week to help prevent any rashes since she is prone to them as well.

Morning: I always change her clothes after breakfast into her day time outfit. We always use our Every Day Lotion to make sure her skin is protected during the day. If she has any dry spots, I will apply the Eczema cream to those as well.

She has gotten used to the routine, and now she wants to help put the lotion on. Which ends up usually going on my shirt and pants. But at least she thinks she is helping! It's not a to involved routine, but if you have a toddler you will know the struggle of trying to get them to do anything. So our routine usually takes 15 minutes at night (Not including bath) and 10 minutes in the morning. 

California Baby has SO many products and I haven't tried any that I don't like. So thank you so much for making an all natural and gentle product that is safe on my daughter's sensitive skin! 
Link to California Baby website

If you love California Baby products, comment down below! Or if you have other natural baby products that you have found to work amazing, let me know! I do like trying new ones out. Especially now that it's getting warmer, her skin won't need as much products. Hopefully!