Friday, March 24, 2017

16-17 Months- Update

16-17 months

You came into our lives sooner then expected, but God knew we needed your sweet spirit, bright smile, and big heart.
Every day with you is my favorite, good or bad. On the good days we play and have adventures, and on bad days, I just hold you and let you know it's okay to have bad days.

Weight: 24 lbs. I'm sure that's right on track for her age.

Height: Still not sure of this. But she is definitely taller!

Hair Color: Blonde, very blonde.  

Diaper Size: Size 4!

Clothes Size: 12-18 months. She's like right in between because 12 month fits perfect. But I keep buying her 18 months and up because I know she will be in 18-24 months clothes soon.

Eats: Three meals a day, plus a snack before bedtime. She gets one bottle a day which is right before bedtime. She still loves food, but can be picky at times. I try not to give into her being picky because I want her to always have a well rounded diet.
Current favorites: Fruit, she can't get enough of fruit. Chicken is her favorite meat. And I recently introduced her to quinoa and she is hooked!
Least favorite foods: She has been so picky about vegetables, but I still put them on her plate. If I don't make it a point for her to eat them. She will eat them all...toddler logic... 

Personality: Ellie is like a sour patch kid, first she's sour, then she is so sweet that I forget how sour she can be! She has such a big personality that I think she is trying to learn just how to handle it, which can be very hard for a little one. Most of the time she

Words: This is the biggest change since my last update. She keeps surprising us with all of the words she knows. And will sometimes say them if we ask her too. I'd list them but I can't even remember everything she is saying now. Her favorite word is "please" and seriously she can have whatever she wants when she says it.  She doesn't speak in full sentences yet. But she will babble and throw in words that she knows. So I assume sentences will be coming in the next couple months or so.

Favorite Activities & Toys: This is still the same as the last update. She is starting to be more into creative play. And she will make animal sounds or try to make conversations with her little people sets. It's so cute!

This girl has the mom life down. She will clean, feed her babies, put them night night, cook and bake. We also "shop" a lot. And of course her babies have to all be piled into the shopping cart. I put all of her play food up on the TV stand and couches and she goes and puts them into her shopping cart. It is so neat to watch her play since she is starting to be imaginative.

I can't wait for summer so we can be outside more. She LOVES to be outside. Like runs to the door, and will say "side, PLEASE!" So of course we have to go outside. We will take evening walks when it's nice out. And this has been one of my favorite things because she will hold my hand, and we just will walk and talk <3 I have no idea what she is saying half the time but I love those special times with her. I feel like she is telling me all about her day, so I tell her about mine too.