Friday, January 27, 2017

13-15 Months Update

Whenever I did Ellie's one year update, I thought that was going to be my last update but I have realized that so much is still going on with her and she just keeps learning so much so why not continue updates? Instead of monthly updates I'll do them every other or a few at a time. So here is months 13-15. She is 15 months currently. 

Her first little spout!!!



Weight: Since the last time she was at the doctors was for her one year check up, I haven't gotten her weighed recently. But I assume she's gained weight because she's getting heavy to hold! 

Height: Same as above. I do feel like she recently has gone through a growth spurt because her little legs seem a little longer and she actually seems a little taller!

Hair Color: Blonde...not much red these days. It's growing though! Even though it's hard to tell but it is!  

Diaper Size: Size 4. They're a little on the big side, but she's drinks so much water all the time the 3 diapers just weren't holding up. 

Clothes Size: 12-18 months. She's like right in between because 12 month fits perfect almost to small, but 18 months is too big. 

Eats: Three meals a day, plus a snack before bedtime. She gets one bottle a day which is right before bedtime. She still loves food, but can be picky at times. I try not to give into her being picky because I want her to always have a well rounded diet.
Few of her top favorite foods: Cheese, yogurt, fruit, chicken, veggies (mainly peas), peanut butter and jelly. And she loves those applesauce pouches.
Least favorite foods: Beef (she doesn't like hamburgers still), plain noodles or rice,

Personality: She is definitely showing more and more of her personality each day. And she's turning into the biggest sweetheart, ever. She is constantly kissing and hugging all of her babies and stuffed animals.  And always wanting to give her mommy and daddy loves too. Anytime she sees an animal she says "awww" and wants to kiss it. Seriously the absolute cutest thing ever. She's also so gentle with everything. And of course I can't forget just how silly she is! She will do anything to make us laugh. And I am always laughing at some of the things she comes up with.

Words: This is probably one of the hardest things. She says a good amount but if you ever ask her to say anything. She just won't. But will randomly add words into her babbles. Words that I hear her say often are: Momma & mommy, Dada, Nana, Hi, Bye, No No, Bubbles, ball, uh oh, Awww, apple, me, and I know there are others but I can't think of them.

Favorite Activities & Toys: She loves books, and us reading to her. Pop-up books are her favorite but she tends to want to rip out the pop-ups(typical), anything that has music she is right there. She loves doing flashcards with objects right now, and I think I have come up with a song for every single card.
She loves to play with her kitchen. From baking cupcakes, to putting her babies in the sink she can spend up to an hour playing with it. Which is a long time if you have a toddler to be content. Which she also loves helping me around the house. When I start cleaning she runs to her kitchen to get her towel to clean as well. When I vacuum she will either help me push the big vacuum or go get hers.
When it's time to do laundry she helps by taking all of her clothes to her room and puts them on the bed. (which gives me just enough time to fold our clothes and put them away) and when she is helping me put hers away she hands me hangers or helps put the clothes in her drawers. Of course her drawers are not neatly organized at all, but it's her way of helping and I'm not going to tell her no, or fix it.

She is very good knowing her animals, and what sound they make. If you ask her what a monkey says, she will make a monkey sound. and so on and so on. We have flash cards that we do almost everyday and I'll lay about 6 down and ask her to hand me the "sun" and she picks up the sun card. There's about 54 cards, and she has probably about 90% of them down.
Now to just work on words? haha!

It is amazing (yes, I say that a lot) to watch her grow and learn. I love giving her new activites to try and seeing her world grow bigger and bigger.

What are some of your favorite toddler activites to do? Especailly activites done inside since right now it's usually to cold to be outside!