Saturday, December 31, 2016

Postpartum Essentials

Now that my little girl is a toddler, and out of the baby phase, I wanted to do a post about postpartum essentials. These are things that I found useful along with things that I want to remember for the next time. 

1. Nursing/hospital/post delivery robe 

Momma to be please please PLEASE get yourself one of these and use it AFTER you have the baby. Hospital gowns are icky and just make you feel so gross...and you will want to change and shower as soon as you get the okay from your doctor. 
I'm so happy I got one because I felt so good after I was able to get that dreaded hospital gown off of me and wear a cute robe. 

2. Nursing Bra

I made a big mistake before I had a baby. I never bought a nursing one. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Maybe it was my pregnancy brain or who knows. I knew I would nurse, but I just figured I'd get one after I had her, I think I thought I never knew what size to get because your girls definitely grow. Who cares, buy all the sizes, buy all the colors. Just make sure you take one with you to the hospital because you will need it! I had the sweetest friend who went out and bought me one because I was suffering majorly. And don't even think about wearing a bra with any underwire...just take my advice on that one. 
I ordered quite a few online because there was no way I was going shopping with a newborn while recovering. But my absolute favorite is this one from Target

3. Numbing spray

The title is self explanatory. And most likely your hospital will provide you a "goodie bag" full of postpartum care. My hospital gave me this brand, but you can buy it online and I recommend stocking up on these because you will need it. 

4. Tucks pads

These little things are literally the best thing ever and feel amazing just after having a baby. I'm pretty sure I used these for a few weeks after baby. My hospital sent me home with probably a 6 month supply that I used within two weeks. Not ashamed at will thank yourself (and me) for getting these. Ignore what the label says they are for and don't feel embarrassed buying these! Target sells them so order online if you rather not buy in store. 

5. Peri Bottle

Okay, yes this seems really weird. And if you never had a baby you will probably think this won't work. Trust me. It does. After you have a baby the last thing you will want to wipe after using the bathroom and depending on your stitches situation you may not be allowed. Again, this is something my hospital provided me. But you can buy online for really cheap and it's a good idea to have more than one. 

6. Nipple Cream

You may or may not feel like you need this when you first start nursing, but I promise you, you do. Or you will regret it in a few days. Nursing was so painful for me at first but this definitely helped soothe. Plus it is all natural and safe for newborns so you don't have to worry if they're ingesting any chemicals. 

7. Mrs. Patel's Products

This is something I wish I had the day Ellie was born. These products are amazing. I got to try them out but I close to being done nursing so I will make sure that the next time around I have them. I had a hard time eating much postpartum so getting nutrients was tough. But Mrs. Patel's not only help boost your milk production but help recovery from birth and has nutrients you need. Every thing is amazing, I definitely recommend stocking up. The bars can be frozen for up to three months and the tea and Munch Crunch can just be stored in the pantry. I'd pack all three in your hospital bag! 

Mrs. Patel's 

8. Comfy but cute clothes.

After you have a baby, the last thing you are going to want to do is to put on jeans or any other clothing. So treat yourself before baby to comfy but cute clothes. I bought quite a few pairs of yoga pants and nursing friendly shirts. But I would totally splurge and buy Lularoe because their clothes are so cute and so comfortable! 


9. Sleep.

It is going to be hard to sleep with a newborn. But if family and friends come over and help with the baby. Please sleep. This is also something I never took advantage of. Being a new mom is really tough, and you feel like when the baby is sleeping is your time to do everything else. Well sleep is so important. So don't be afraid to ask loved ones to either help with house chores, or to look after the baby while you get even a small nap. 

I hope these tips help! I know I'm so glad I had some of these listed, and will be added to my list for the next time.