Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
I hope you had a wonderful time spent with family and friends.

I love the holidays, I always have been so into them and I try not to go overboard with excitement but sometimes I do.
What I didn't realize how much more exciting the holidays are when you have a child. I literally felt like a kid again watching Ellie experience all of the excitement.
 This year I tried to make sure I took more pictures of the weekend. Of course I didn't get everything just because some moments I was just taking in. But here is Ellie's second Christmas.

Christmas Eve started off early and I treated her to breakfast at a little local café. She loved it! Pancakes and syrup are always a win. I'm all about traditions and I want Ellie to look back on her childhood and have things that remind her about Christmas. So maybe we will make going out for breakfast on Christmas Eve a tradition? We will see!

Then we ran a few last minute errands together. She's always the best little girl out and about. 

Home for a nap, while I prepped the appetizer we were bringing to Caleb's grandparents for their Christmas Eve dinner.

A quick outfit change and we were out the door and headed to dinner.
I didn't get many pictures Christmas Eve evening because I was so busy. But we took Ellie to a Christmas Eve church service and I figured either Caleb or I would have to be out in the lobby with her, but I was wrong. She sat and watched the whole thing. I got tears in my eyes just watching her watch everything happening (yes, I am very emotional) but seeing Christmas through her eyes makes everything so much more special. I really can't wait to teach her the true meaning of Christmas.

Her most favorite gift has to be her shopping cart from her Aunt. She plays with this all the time. 

She had a cupcake because it's a special occasion. So we shared...or Ellie allowed me to have a few bites of hers. 

We ended the night with a bath, new jammies, and a brand new blankie

Christmas Day

This day will probably forever be one of my favorite memories. Past holidays Ellie has gotten overwhelmed and wasn't a happy baby at all. But Christmas Day was different. She was so happy all day long and it made my heart so full.

The morning started off with her coming down and seeing her biggest gift from Mommy and Daddy. Her kitchen. She was really confused (and still sleepy) at first. But she soon realized it was really for her!

Then came the opening of the rest of her gifts. She wasn't sure at first what to think but once we got through a few gifts she was an unwrapping pro. And she actually wanted what was inside the box! THat's my girl! Her favorites are probably her books, and her little wooden keurig. 

After breakfast and a nap for Ellie we headed off to my parents house for lunch. Which was filled with so many people and kids. This is where Ellie usually gets overwhelmed. But she did so well! I think she is growing up...because she now wants to run off and go play with the kids instead of being at her Momma's side 
(insert emotions right here)

But I'm glad beause she just ran around all day, and was the happiest little girl. 

More presents! She sat with the older kids waiting for her gifts.

We let her get some fresh air since it was so nice out on Christmas Day.

Stockings are a tradition in my family. Everyone gets a stocking full, and we all look forward to them every year. It's usually little things that you need but never buy yourself. So it's fun to get every year. Ellie loved her stocking!

Ellie just adores her little cousin so much. She's constantly hugging and kissing him.

Later that evening we headed to Caleb's grandparents to have Christmas with them and his parents. It's usually more low key and more quiet there so it's nice to end the day that way. We opened more presents and Ellie was still just as excited to open them.

Our day was so much fun. Christmas is even more special now that we have Ellie. I look forward to next year because Ellie will understand more and hopefully will be excited leading up to Christmas Day.

From our Cheeky little family to yours, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Ellie's outfit details: Christmas Eve Dress: Target
Headband: Ava's Flower Crowns 

Christmas Day Dress: Target
Headband: Elleberry Baby

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