Thursday, November 17, 2016

Floral Princess First Birthday Party

Probably since Ellie was about 5 months old I started planning her birthday party. I started thinking of themes and what all I wanted to do. Well over the months my ideas sort of got out of hand...there was so many different themes I wanted to do but couldn't decide!
So finally I decided on a Princess Floral Theme!
And hoped I could pull it off. Fun fact...I even changed my idea AFTER I sent out her invites. But I stuck with the princess so thank goodness it worked!

Planning a first birthday party was so fun (and stressful) but mainly fun!
Oh and emotional.

I still can't believe that my baby is 1. 
As much as I miss those newborn snuggles, it is so amazing watching her grow and learn and see her personality just blossom. 

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated our princess! And to a sweet friend of mine for capturing moments of the day. 

Here is Ellie's day, in pictures: 

Present time!
She was so excited to open her gifts. We went to a few other birthday parties and she was always wanting to help open gifts. So finally it was her turn! 

Cake time!
I wasn't sure if she would like her cake or not because she seemed scared at first. But after the first taste...there was no stopping her. She demolished her cake. Not dainty or princess like either. But she was SO happy and having such a good time and as soon as she saw everyone smiling and laughing at her...she just kept digging in. 
She literally ate most of it...and would have ate it all if we didn't stop her. 

That is our little Ellie for you! 

 She got her momma!

Here are some other moments from the day! 

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our little Ellie's first birthday! 


Cake & Cupcakes: Local bakery, all other treats made by me

Personalized onesie: Sweet Peony Boutique 

Flower Crown: Avas Flower Crown

Decor: Made by me, my mom, and sister-in-law (supplies and paper ware from party city, amazon) 

High Chair garland: Mustard Seed Designs