Monday, October 3, 2016

Shop Feature: BlackSmith Bows

So I know I said I'd feature shops every Monday...well I didn't realize that packing, moving, and settling into a new home would take up so much time. 
Now that we are (almost) settled I have a little time to catch up on things! So for now, I won't make promises as to when posts will be up. Sorry! 

The next shop I want to feature is BlackSmith Bows. 

Since I have been trying to think for the past month how I came across this shop...I literally am not sure! But how I think I came across is one of the shop owners, Shelby, found me on Instagram and commented on a few of my pictures. Of course I immediately checked out the shop...because ummm bows... 

The shop has two owners. Shelby Black and Kaitlyn Smith, and they both have daughters pretty close to Ellie's age! 
They are so sweet and fun! I really wish I lived closer to these girls because I know we would all just have a blast together...and our girls together...well I think the world would just explode with all that cuteness! 

They have just the cutest bows. Not even long ago they were a small little shop with just a few bows, and now they have a big following and A LOT of happy customers. 
They don't just offer bows...they have scarves, bowties (for those handsome little men), adult scarves, topknots, head wraps, blankets....and they're constantly coming out with new items! This is a shop you want to be following, especially on Facebook. I have never seen a shop with SO much activity. It really makes me so happy because I've seen them grow, within a matter of a few months. 
I really look forward to see how this shop grows and I'm so excited to be a part of it! Sorry girls, but I'm probably not going to go anywhere! haha. I think half of Ellie's bows are BlackSmith Bows. And what I like to call her signature black bow that you see her wearing a lot is one of their first, classic designs. 
Once they announced they were looking for Brand Reps...I of course had to enter Ellie! I was "patiently" waiting for them to start looking for reps. 

So here is some snap shots of BlackSmith Bows! 

Let me just say...this head wrap is one of my absolute favorites!

This rose gold sequin bow has about as much sass as she does

Mommy and me matching scarves! 

And I'm also a brand rep now too! 

Sparkly sequin topknot

Signature black bow

This sunflower is a fall staple

Baby scarves are just to adorable

So we really love BlackSmith Bows. 
Like a lot. 
and you will too! 

Check out their shop: BlackSmith Bows