Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Sweet Ellexia Skye

Dear Ellexia Skye,

                One year. I'll never forget the moment I first laid my eyes on you. You were such the sweetest little thing, and when you cried, I felt like I've known that cry my whole life. The doctor put you right on my chest and you immediately calmed down when I started talking to you. I just held you close, with your daddy right there. Your daddy couldn't handle his love for you and just let his emotions flow. After all of our visitors left and while your daddy slept, I stayed awake just staring at you, cuddling you, talking to you, and of course crying because I've never seen someone as beautiful as you. And I was just so happy that I finally was holding you in my arms. Baby girl, I don't believe in love at first sight, because you were so loved from the moment we found out about you. 

Then we got to bring you home. Bringing you home felt like a dream. I don't know exactly when I finally came to realize that YOU belonged to us...because to this day I sometimes still can't believe you are ours.  I'll never forget the first day your daddy went back to work. I was scared because I felt like I had no idea what I was going to do. But I knew I'd figure things out, with you. Some days were easy, others were hard. Some days I felt like a Mother Champion, others I really don't know how I survived. But I wouldn't have changed a thing.

You were such a tiny little thing, but you were always so determined to act older than you were. I was proud, but I also didn't like it because I always just wanted you to stay my tiny little newborn (yes, mommy knows that, that isn't possible) 
You've grown so much. Everything that you have accomplished in a year makes us so happy and proud. 
You have learned and discovered so much in your first year of life. Watching you take on the world just so determined makes me look at life so much differently now. 

Your daddy and I had to figure out how to live life with our new addition, it took some time, but you are our new normal and we wouldn't have it any other way. Life with you just makes sense and you make us feel so complete. 

From every little newborn grunt and squeaks, to cooing, to smiling, to babbling, to giggles, to full belly laughs, these are quite possibly the most beautiful sounds in the world. and my absolute favorite. 

You learned to sit up, and before I knew it we were hearing little pitter patter of your tiny feet. 

From those precious few months where all we did was hold and cuddle you, to playing and discovering new things all on your own. 

Life has just been so exciting with you. 

You took your first trip to the beach. And you took one look at that ocean and I could see the amazement on your face. I hope you always look at life in amazement and wonder. Seeing the world through your eyes makes me realize that life is wonderful and even the most simple things can bring joy. 

Every where we go, is always an adventure with you.  In public you make sure you smile and wave at everyone. It's really a sweet thing to watch because you have put smiles on people's faces that I really think they needed that little glimmer of hope in their day.
You are mommy and daddy's biggest blessing. And I hope that as you grow, you will start to know that. We will do everything to make sure that we show you. 

I'm so happy that on your birthday, we celebrate YOU. Because the day you entered this world. Everything changed. Our world got a whole lot sweeter and you just fill every single day with joy. 
Ellexia, you have made me a mom. Your mom. You make me want to strive to be the best mom for you, best wife, and a better person. Everything I do, I always think of you. Your little eyes are watching me, and I want to be the best role model for you. I promise I'll show you what true love is, by loving your daddy, I promise I'll show you what it means to be kind & honest, by being a good friend, I promise I'll show you what having a good heart is, by always helping others in need, I promise I'll always teach you to have Faith, by putting God first,  I promise you will always know what home means, by being a family. 

I love you so much baby girl and I can't wait to watch you grow and see the kind of person you grow up to be.