Monday, October 24, 2016

Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula Review

Transitioning your baby to milk can be quite a stress within itself when you baby reaches one. It's made to be a big deal. Because some babies transition easy, and some don't.
Once Ellie turned 10 months I started thinking of what I wanted to try and give her. She was drinking The Honest Company Sensitive Formula. It seemed to be okay, but she would always spit up. We tried giving her yogurt and that also seemed to upset her belly. So I knew that I couldn't give her whole milk. Whole milk is hard for even adults to I can imagine it's even harder on a baby's tummy. 

I stumbled across Kabrita in my searches for different options. I was immediately curious since goat milk is more sensitive and easier on tummies. They are currently having a trial offer and all you pay for is shipping. It comes with a 14 oz can of formula and 3 goat milk yogurt pouches. 
And the shipment came the next day!

We waited until Ellie was 11.5 months before we tried the formula since it said for toddlers. But I wish we tried it sooner! She LOVED it. And it seems so much easier on her tummy. She has slowly weaned herself from drinking milk throughout the day. But she still prefers a bottle in the morning, and when she goes to bed. When we switched her other natural formulas she had some tummy issues that would make bedtime not fun at all but this just seemed to help her. No spit up from her ever since, and she seems to have less gas and constipation. Which in return she seems to be able to sleep better. A big plus right there. 
The formula itself is so much easier to mix up and there's hardly ever any clumps. Other formulas we have tried are always so clumpy and it upsets her because it clogs her bottle. It doesn't matter how much or well we would mix. So another plus in my book that this is easier to make. 
Also, ever since switching to goat milk, her eczema has been clearing up too. I really hope she continues to handle this formula well. 

The goat milk yogurt pouches are her favorite! As soon as I opened the box and she saw them, she had to try one. So of course I immediately was curious to see if she loved them...and she did. She couldn't get enough. The best part is that she was getting something nutritious as well as it tasted good to her.

Trying to get every last bit out as possible.

I highly recommend Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula to help ease the transition, especially if your little one is sensitive to dairy! Don't force cow's milk just because that's what everyone does. Some little tummies just can't handle it and it shouldn't be forced. 

I'm in no way a doctor and this is my personal opinion and review. If you have any concerns about your baby, please consult your pediatrician.