Thursday, October 20, 2016

12 Months Old & Something Special!

I have a TODDLER
I really don't know how this has truly have no idea just how fast a year is, until you have a baby. And your baby turns a year old. 
And this is the last monthly update that I'll be doing...I may do 1.5 years or something because I feel so weird not doing any pregnancy or baby updates. Any suggestions on posts?! 

I have so many thoughts for my little girl turning one. 
I wrote a letter to her here. 
And at the bottom of this I linked a video my niece made for Ellie. 
It has been such a memorable and amazing year. And I know they are only going to keep getting more amazing as we watch her grow! 

Ellie's stats:

Weight: 21 pounds! 

Height: 27.5 inches...still. 

Hair Color: It's starting to come in really blonde now. There is some red in it, but only in certain lighting. 

Diaper Size: Size 3! 

Clothes Size: 9 month clothes fit her best. But I've been buying her 12 month for the winter. It's hilarious seeing 12 month pants on her because I have to roll them up so much. I know she'll most likely go through a growth spurt and they won't be big anymore. 

Eats: EVERYTHING. I seriously can't even name one thing this girl won't eat. She is down to two bottles. One in the morning, and one at night. Sometimes she will take one at nap time. But other times she won't. We are slowly transitioning her over to Goat's milk. She doesn't handle dairy to well, and whole milk will probably just upset her belly so I decided to use goat's milk. It's much easier to digest and it's full of nutrition. 

Personality: Sweet, sassy, and full of life. Everyone who meets Ellie just can't help but smile. She loves waving at everyone when we are out in public, and if they wave back she just puts on her cheesy grin. 

Here is the "Something Special"

This is a video that I'm going to cherish and I know Ellie will when she is old enough. My niece put together this video for her, for her first birthday.
She wanted to show it to everyone at her party but it just didn't work out. And I promised I would find a way for everyone to see. She worked on this for almost year and it's so perfect.
Thank you so much Alissa, I don't think I can describe just how much I love the video.

Here's the link to watch.
I cried, the whole 18 minutes <3