Monday, September 26, 2016

11 Months

1 more month until I officially have a toddler
1 more month until I don't have a "baby" anymore
1 more month until a whole year has flown by

The biggest thing this past month is that we have a walker! 
I can't believe that she's walking. Actually I can because she is such a determined little girl. Since about 9.5 months she has taken a few steps by herself. But finally at technically 10 months she started walking. She is unbelievably happy to be walking. And it's the cutest thing ever. 
Okay...everything she does is cute! 

The day she turned 11 months old. We moved into a new house. We got Ellie a house for her 11 month can we top her first?!?! ;) 
She has adjusted pretty well. But she is such an explorer so she has loved just going everywhere and checking everything out. 
We moved to a different town...we are not to far from family but farther than before. It's exciting because we get to explore new places together. 
Love my little tribe so much. Ellexia is just the most perfect little girl and she makes every single day worth living. 
We couldn't imagine life without her sweet smile. 

Ellie's current stats

Weight: About 20 pounds! Whoo hoo! 

Height: 27.5 inches

Hair Color: It's starting to come in really blonde now. There is some red in it, but only in certain lighting. 

Diaper Size: Size 3! 

Clothes Size: 6 month onesies, shirts, shorts, dresses and rompers. She does have some 9 month ones but they are defiantly to big. She is in 9 month sleepers now. They're big in length but I feel like she has more room in them. 
I have put her in some 12 month outfits and they are definitely to big..but I feel like she will be in them soon. 

Here some photos from this past month

My tribe <3 

Grocery shopping is always an adventure with this little girl

Exploring the new house

My little ballerina!! 

The day she started walking! 

She loves Panera