Friday, August 19, 2016

10 Months

This has to be one of my favorite stages. Her personality is really shining through. Her love for music is just amazing. She will tell us she wants music by bobbing her head, or dancing. And lately she's been trying to sing a long. Too cute. 
She also is such a little ham. She will do anything to get us to laugh. And the look on her face when she succeeds is just priceless. 

She is also in the copying phase. She won't copy everything. But she does pick up on A LOT. If I sneeze..she'll "sneeze" I cough she'll "cough" 
and there is other things like that she will do. 

She knows where her knows is. All we have to say is "touch your nose" and she will touch it. 

Did I mention she took steps all by herself?! Only a few, and she only will do a few at a time because she rather crawl and I think she gets scared of not holding on to anything. But I was so proud of her! She stands all by herself for pretty long periods now. And when she is done she just lowers herself down and crawls away. 

Remember last month when I said she had her two top teeth coming through? Well make that FOUR. My poor baby, as soon as the first top two came through. Two more decided to come through as well. But to be honest, she barely let it bother her. At times she would be cranky, but you really couldn't tell she was teething. Thank goodness because she had an awful time with the first two. She deserved a break. do I stop the teeth grinding?? Seriously I hate that noise. It's awful. It send chills through me and I can't handle it. She doesn't do it often but when she does I basically cry. 

Ellie pretty much will eat anything still. Her current favorites are hummus with crackers, eggs, avocado, any fruit, and yogurt. The list could go on and on but these are the new and top favorites. Did I mention that she has also tried cookies, cake, donuts, and ice cream already? Whoops...she doesn't get those things often. But she has tasted them all. 

Sleep is really a roller coaster. Some nights it's great, others it's not. Lately she has been waking up at the most random times so I can't even figure out why she's waking up. But she usually only gets up once. Which I know...count my blessings because it could be a lot worse. I have kind of figured it might be because she just is hungry. She has really cut back on her bottles...she much rather have food these days. So it might be because she needs more substance in her. 

Ellie's current stats
These haven't really changed since the last month. At all

Weight: About 18.5 pounds

Height: 27 inches...I'm just guessing because we haven't gotten her height yet. But I know she has grown in length this month because she just looks taller!! Finally! She's still my little half pint though. 

Hair Color: It's starting to come in really blonde now. There is some red in it, but only in certain lighting. 

Diaper Size: Size 3! 

Clothes Size: 6 month onesies, shirts, shorts, dresses and rompers. She does have some 9 month ones but they are defiantly to big. She is in 9 month sleepers now. They're big in length but I feel like she has more room in them.