Friday, July 15, 2016

Gettysburg Trip

I realize that I still haven't posted about our beach vacation. And I'll get to that soon! But today I'm sharing a little about one of our family days. 
Caleb and I really have loved doing spur of the moment day trips. And when I was pregnant we did a lot because we didn't know if we would be able to with a baby. Well God certainly blessed us with a baby who loves exploring. Seriously she loves to be on the go...which is neither of our personalities. We like doing things, but we also enjoy just being at home. Ellie on the other hand rather go go go. So we try to do things with her. 

We used to visit Gettysburg a lot. It's pretty cool having a huge piece of history basically in our backyard. So we decided to take the day and take her to Gettysburg. She LOVED it. Especially when we would stop at places on the battlefield. I know she doesn't have any idea where we were. But watching her look all around wide eyed, just taking everything in really puts a different perspective on things. It's like she thinks of everything as amazing and beautiful...don't you wish you could look around you and think that all the time? 

So here is a little bit about our trip to Gettysburg in pictures.

First stop at the peace light

I promise you she isn't sun burned...I have idea why her arm looks red in this picture!

Next stop...the "castle"

Queen of the castle 

Checking out the canons...up close 

Taking a break from the heat to hydrate 

Walking around shops

These two goofs...

We only spent a few hours there because that's the amount of time that Ellie can tolerate new things. I'm sure it's sensory overload for her. But we all three still had such a fun day, and defiantly a memory to cherish.