Saturday, July 16, 2016

9 Months

9 months
The same amount of time you spent in my belly.
But these past 9 months I've been able to watch you grow and explore the world around you. 
It's quite possibly the most amazing thing to watch. 

This month has been crazy. I didn't even realize that she was going to be 9 months today, until earlier this week. 
But having a mobile baby who wants to explore EVERYTHING keeps you quite busy. She wants to just do everything. She's getting into things, climbing on things (well trying...her little short legs kind of stop her..) sticking everything possible in her mouth, pulling herself up, and my list could go on..but you get the point right? 

She is extremely active. Which makes me extremely worried for her toddler years because once this girl learns to walk...I'm pretty sure she is just going to fly. She wants to do so much. Not to mention how smart she smart that it scares me. 

Teething has struck us again. I can see two little top teeth trying to come through. They aren't yet, but they are just giving her so much pain. Poor girl will sometimes cry and shove her fingers in her mouth. Thank goodness for teething gel, it instantly soothes her gums. We use Hylands teething gel and she seems to do well with it. She doesn't really care for any type of teething toy. She much rather shove non-teething toys in her mouth. 

Have I said how much this girl loves food? I still haven't found something she doesn't like. When we try something new she takes a bite and will get so excited! She really takes after her father on this one. We have started a breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner with her. She typically gets 3 or 4 bottles a day. And then once in the middle of the night if she wakes up. I give her an egg a day so she gets the protein. We haven't introduced meat yet, but will soon. So for now I like to make sure she gets some form of protein a day. And she loves I think she loves them a little to much. But her favorites are Plum Organics and Happy Baby brands. I've tried them all too and I have to say they taste exactly like the flavor they are supposed to be. And are all natural which is good. 

Sleep. This is something I go back and forth with. She is a good sleeper. Just getting her to sleep is what takes forever....
But typically she sleeps through the night. She takes 1-2 naps a day. Usually about an hour long. I'm lucky if she takes a 2 hour nap. 

She experienced her first 4th of July! We took her to see the fireworks...and she fell asleep!!! This girl is just constantly surprising me. I knew she wouldn't be scared. But she watched them, and then just knocked out. 

Why is my baby starting to look more like a toddler, than a baby? I seriously can't handle it. She is such a goofy girl who loves to smile and laugh. She has such a strong personality. Watching her interact with other babies, she defiantly holds her own. But I hope she keeps that attitude and is strong-willed about life when she grows up. 
She may be strong-willed, but she is a true sweetheart. 

Why does she look so old?!

Fireworks with my girl

Full of sass

This is Ellie, always eating EVERYTHING

My heart just bursts so much! 

Ellie's current stats

Weight: About 17 pounds give or take

Height: 27 inches...I'm just guessing because we haven't gotten her height yet. But I know she has grown in length this month because she just looks taller!! Finally! She's still my little half pint though. 

Hair Color: It's starting to come in really blonde now. There is some red in it, but only in certain lighting. 

Diaper Size: Size 3! 

Clothes Size: 6 month onesies, shirts, sleepers, shorts, and rompers. She does have some 9 month ones but they are defiantly to big. I seriously don't understand how she's in 6 month still because she just looks so chunky!