Wednesday, June 15, 2016

8 Months

8 months old
Only FOUR months away from being a year old...
Just can't get over that at all.
This has been a pretty big month. 

Ellie now has TWO teeth and is crawling! 
She has been working so hard on crawling and finally got it! I couldn't be more happy. Especially since she is happy too. But my goodness, I am so not ready for a mobile baby...

She defiantly teethes hard. Poor girl. 
Runny, stuffy nose. Unbelievable amounts of where it makes her cough because there's just so much. Cranky and will cry for no reason, which is out of character for her. But as soon as she cut her first tooth, all the symptoms went away. When her second one was coming through, all of the symptoms came back. I really hope she doesn't deal with all of those for EVERY SINGLE TOOTH. I just want to take away the pain. 

Weight: About 17 pounds give or take

Height: 26.5 inches

Eye Color: Still a pretty blue. 

Hair Color: It's starting to come in really blonde now. There is some red in it, but only in certain lighting. 

Diaper Size: Size 3! 

Clothes Size: Still the same as last month. 3-6 month onesies. I've tried 9 month on her and she just swims in them. 6-9 month pants and shorts. She has some chunky thighs that are just so adorable. She wears 6 months in her rompers. 
Also she is still in 0-3 month size shoes. Which still can be to big depending on the type and brand. 

Sleep: She's been pretty restless. I assume it's because of her teeth bothering her. But she usually wakes up once at night. 
Naps are pretty irregular since the beach. I'm trying hard to get her back on her nap schedule. But she should be taking two naps a day. One morning and one afternoon. 

Eating: Every 3 hours, sometimes go 4 hours if we are out and about. We have replaced her dinner time bottle with solids. Which usually consists of avocado, egg, and banana. She LOVES a mixture of avocado and banana! I'm hoping I can raise her to like healthy's to hoping! 

Likes & Dislikes: Loves bath time, MUSIC..this girl just starts dancing anytime she hears music. Loves to crawl around and is so proud of are  we. Loves food...I still haven't found  a food she dislikes. I honestly have a feeling it might be meat since I couldn't eat it at all pregnant. Loves taking walks and playing outside. 

Milestones: CRAWLING! Ahhh I can't believe I have a mobile baby now! She is also nodding her head yes. I swear sometimes she says momma and dadda. Usually momma when she's upset and she'll just babble dadda off and on. 
She's pulling herself up on things and trying to be brave and balance with no hands...
Also waving and clapping. 

Firsts: She experienced her first vacation to the beach! And first long car ride. Both things she did so well with. I stressed about traveling 9+ hours. But she did amazing. Pretty much slept the whole way there and than back. And as far as the beach...I think it is her favorite thing! I wish we were still there because seeing her light up every time is amazing. 

Personality: Sassy, sweet, silly, and high maintenance. But we couldn't love her any more!