Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Honest Company- Diaper Bundle Review

Have I said how much I love The Honest Company? Even before I had Ellie I used their cleaning products and vitamins. Once I got pregnant I couldn't help but want the diapers, because well first off they are SO adorable and have the cutest prints. But more importantly, they are all natural, chemical free, free of additives, and plant based. Plus they super absorbent. I honestly ( pun intended there) have NEVER had a blow out when I use them. And when you have a newborn they are inevitable. The only times we had blow outs where when I used a different brand on her. Maybe that was her way of telling me she didn't like any other brand? I have mentioned in my Babyganics review that Ellie has super sensitive skin and is allergic to Pampers, I never wanted to try Huggies or Luvs. So we stick with the all natural diapers and the Target brand. I really like Target brand diapers, they are pretty cheap which is nice. And they don't seem to bother her skin. 

Off and on we have gotten boxes of Honest Diapers and wipes from Target but the price for one box can be pretty expensive. 
So after Caleb did the numbers, he compared a month's worth of the Target brand to a bundle from Honest Company and it was pretty close. So we decided to go ahead and order a bundle. Plus the prints are super cute! Ummm macaroons?? How can I not?! They also have the Eiffel tower print which I'll be ordering when they're back in stock. 

Here is our bundle (and bundle of joy) 

*We added swim diapers to own bundle since we are going on vacation in a couple weeks. Pretty excited to try them.

She loved checking out the inventory!

 She is just as excited as me

 Macaroon Print



Starfish Swim Diaper
They are washable

Splash Print

Also in the bundle was a Mother's Day gift just for me! It's hydrating spray. I've been wanting to try the Honest Beauty line...I think I might be hooked! 

She just loved playing with everything. It kept her pretty content for a good 20+ minutes. 


BUT she had the most fun playing IN the box! 

When I told her she had to get out...

Of course she had to be all cute then

The bundle came with 6 pack of diapers, 34 diapers in each pack.
4 packs of wipes, 72 wipes in each.

The total was $79.95 but they offer $20.00 off your first bundle! So it was a great deal! We got the bundle plus swim diapers for about $80. 

I have used the diapers and wipes ever since Ellie was born. They are high quality. Yes, the are more pricey than other brands. But I rather spend a little more money knowing I'm not putting chemicals or non-natural diapers on my baby. 

Click here to try The Honest Company bundle for yourself!