Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Started Solids

The week before Ellie turned six months we decided to introduce solids. Both Caleb and I felt she was ready. She was sitting up well, she has been so interested in us eating, and would literally get mad at us for not giving her any. We decided to start with baby food puréed. I haven't been to big on the whole Baby Lead Weaning just because of the chocking hazard. So we did the whole try one food for three days before introducing anything else. She LOVED it! And was so happy. She eats like a pro, didn't spit any out like I assumed she would. Everything went smoothly except for the fact she developed a rash. It started out under her lip. I thought maybe it was just from teething. But then it spread to her cheeks and it was red and dry. Okay, maybe it was eczema. Went out and bought a ridiculously expensive helped but didn't fully take it away. So then I thought maybe it was the food. But we weren't giving her anything that should have reactions to. My momma gut told me that maybe it wasn't really the food itself. But the brand. We were using the Gerber brand...a very popular baby food so I didn't think anything of it. Well after talking to some of my momma friends and listening to my momma gut. I stopped all solids just to see if there was a change.

Literally in 24 hours her rash looked better. It took a good week to clear up completely. So I had her off of solids for two weeks. I did a lot of research and I'm in no way bashing anyone who uses Gerber, but there additives in the food that just didn't agree with my sensitive little girl. 

We slowly started introducing foods again. This time it was real food. Eggs, avocado, bananas are the main foods I give her. No rash in sight. 
Caleb did a lot of research and found an all organic brand of baby food called Ella's. So we have slowly introduced that to her and still no rash. I will sometimes let her try the things I'm eating, either a fruit or veggie. She hasn't had a reaction since. As always, trust your momma gut. Just because something is a popular brand doesn't mean it's always the best thing for your baby.

Brands we use: Ella' s Kitchen Organic Baby Food
                          Plum Organics
                          Happy Baby 

With the baby food we buy, I always read the ingredients and make sure it's just fruit and veggies. And no additives that shouldn't be in there.