Wednesday, May 18, 2016

7 Months

I don't know how or why but Ellie is S E V E N months!? 
I'm pretty sure with each month that passes I'll say the same thing and sound like a broken record because I just can't get over how fast time flies. I don't think I ever will. In a blink of an eye she's gone from a tiny newborn, to a very energetic on the go, and sassy little baby girl. 

Weight: 16 lbs. Babies start to slow down their weight gain the older they get. I assume it's because they are more mobile and active.
Height: 26 inches! She is finally growing in length. Poor girl is still on her tippy toes in her walker. 

Eye Color: Still a pretty blue. 

Hair Color: Light brown/blonde...we may have some hair growth! But I'm pretty sure the poor girl is going to have super thin hair

Diaper Size: Size 3! They still seem a little big on her. But she pees so much that 2 just don't hold it all to well. 

Clothes Size: 3-6 month onesies. I've tried 9 month on her and she just swims in them. 6-9 month pants and shorts. She has some chunky thighs that are just so adorable. 

Sleep: Some nights she sleeps through the night. Others she is restless and will need to eat to settle down. She takes naps a day. about an hour each. 

Eating: Every 3 hours. And she is loving her solids now! She gets eggs in the morning, sometimes I'll add some avocado to them. And then in the evening she will get veggies and fruit. Her favorite is strawberries! (yes, babies CAN have strawberries, you just have to introduce them slowly) 

Likes & Dislikes: Loves bath time, music, playing in her toy box. She is really loving being outside, I just hope it starts to get nicer and warm soon so we can spend more time out there. Loves cuddling with momma or dadda. Hates getting clothes on or diaper changed..STILL. Ugh I hope she outgrows that someday..soon. Doesn't like when Momma leaves her sight and doesn't like me to put her down in the evening. I think she is just tired from the day and is more clingy. 

Milestones: Pulling herself up. Reaching to be picked up or held by either me or Caleb. She is starting to understand more. I swear this girl knows exactly what we are talking about all the time. She drops toys, and watches them fall. And we get to pick them up. Apparently this is a very good developmental game..that will continue for a long time. 

Firsts: First Mother's Day! I was so excited to spend Mother's Day with her this year! 

Personality: Sassy, sweet, silly, and high maintenance. But we couldn't love her any more!