Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6 Months

6 monts...half a year. ALREADY?!
I can't believe just how fast 6 months have went. Now the next need to not go by as fast. Soon I'll have a one year old and I'm not okay with that. 
I decided to be "that mom" and schedule a 1/2 birthday photoshoot and I bought her a little crown to wear for some of the pictures. And I'm so glad I did! Here are some of my favorites..just kidding it's going to be like all of them because ALL of them are my favorite! 

Weight: 16 lbs 
Height: 25 inches
Eye Color: Still a pretty blue. 

Hair Color: Light brown/blonde  

Diaper Size: Size 2. 

Clothes Size: She is still in 3 month onesies. 3-6 months is her exact size in them. 6 month sleepers and pants. Also we found out that she is still in newborn size shoes...this girl has some tiny feet. 

Sleep: She's been sleeping great at night. She has been waking up around 4 am for some reason. During the day she takes two sometimes three naps. But that varies. 

Eating: Every 2-3 hours during the day. We introduced solids to her! She ate like she's been eating for months! Read more about introducing solids to her here

Likes: This girl loves life. Seriously. She wants to see everything, do everything and it's amazing. I know she is still so young but she's a busy bee. She loves attention. 

Dislikes: Still the same as last month. But she really doesn't like me leaving her sight right now. It seriously breaks my heart when I have to leave for work. 

Milestones: Pulling herself up, she's starting to discover just how much she can do. She learns something new every day. She has been getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. But she honestly has not a care about crawling. She rather stand. 

Firsts: I know I should keep better track of this...but I just can't remember! 

Personality: She's a sassy little sweetheart.