Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Motherhood is hard. No child is alike, and neither is a mother. I wish all moms could just come together and support each other. But there is just way to many opinions out there on how to parent. I may agree with some things, and I may disagree with other things. Being a mom we are faced with SO many choices. Those choices start the moment you find out you're pregnant. It doesn't matter what you choose. Someone will have something negative to say about it. And that just downright sucks. Each mom makes a choice that she thinks is best for her baby...just because you might disagree, doesn't make you a better parent. I choose to keep how I parent and my choices between my husband and I. Why you might ask? Because I'm afraid of what people will think? Oh no no...I will just feel sorry for the person who decided it was a good idea to criticize my parenting....
Unless a mom is putting her child in harm, you should never criticize her for what she is doing, because being a mom is hard. 

Even though my little one is still a baby and I have so much more to learn about being a mom. She has taught me so much. I have learned that in this life, we don't have full control of what happens and learning to just let things be is a struggle. I will get so caught up in everyday things, worry about the future, and forget to just live in the present. It's hard. Some days I succeed. Other days I fail. I forget that the hard days won't last, and the easy days will come. Every morning I wake up, I never know what the day will be like. Will my baby be happy today or be fussy? Will I be able to eat without her having a meltdown? Will she spit up all over her outfit as I'm putting her in her carseat? And then cry like it's the end of the world because I have to change her. Will she nap? Or go all day without sleep because she is to busy being amazed by the world around her. I may not know what the heck I'm doing, and at times even feel like I'm not doing anything right. But I have to constantly remind myself, that I'm doing the best I can. 
Motherhood tests everything you have. You will have to be strong when you feel like you have nothing left. You will be forced to smile when all you want to do is cry because there are little eyes watching, waiting for you to smile first. But as soon as you see that little smile, you will melt. You will wonder what happened to your sanity at some points, and wonder if you will ever feel like your old self again. But the truth is, you may never want to feel like your old self again. Because that part of you is gone, and replaced by being a mom. It's true that you really don't know what being a mom is, until you are one. I'll be honest, the days after my baby was born, were hard. There were a lot of tears, frustration, and wondering if I am really able to do this. Some moments I missed my old self and would think back to past memories. But the thing I realized was, I actually didn't miss those days. I would think about them and then notice I just felt like something was missing. Someone was missing. I wasn't myself before her. I found who I am supposed to be the day I met her, face to face.  The person who I was always meant to be. A short, three letter word, that has an important and powerful meaning. 
A Mom.

This is life, this is motherhood. It's unpredictable, but yet so beautiful.