Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 Months

FIVE months!
So crazy that she's almost a half a year already. I REALLY just want to pause time because it's going to fast. This month has been full of milestones and her developing her little personality. 
As much as I don't want her to grow up, it's just amazing watching her learn new things. 

Weight: About 15 pounds. 
Height: 24 inches, she hasn't been to the doctors yet to get the exact size.
Eye Color: Still a pretty blue. 

Hair Color: Light brown/blonde AND ladies and gentlemen...it has some red in it now!! 

Diaper Size: Size 2, she still has room in them, but they fit better than a 1

Clothes Size: She is still in 3 month onesies. But 6 months give her a little wiggle room. And she has some chunky thighs, 3-6 month pants fit her better. But I'm buying mainly 6 month clothes now because I know one day soon 3 month won't fit. 

Sleep: She's been sleeping great at night. During the day it's tough to get her to take a nap. I seem to be the only one she will go to sleep for. I still aim for her to have two naps a day. Sometimes three if she's really grouchy.

Eating: Every 2-3 hours during the day...sometimes she will go 4 hours. But that is still rare and I don't really expect her to go long periods just yet. At night she has been sleeping almost all night. She'll sometimes wake up around 4am-5am to eat, and then go back to sleep. 

Likes: Being talked to, well I should say squealed at. This girl squeals all day long. And it's the most adorable thing. She's starting to take interest in her toys more and reaching out for them. Loves her bath. Snuggles. Being sung to. She loves to stand now, and just squeals every time I let her. She loves going outside..I can't wait for summer! She also loves her Sophie the giraffe. It's one of her favorite toys. I don't dare leave the house without it. 

Dislikes: She defiantly has stranger anxiety. Which is weird because she's always around people. But I also think because she is so aware of her surroundings now new people overwhelm her. Doesn't like having her clothes changed. Still. And now it's becoming a hassle just changing her diaper, since she knows she can roll and squirm around. She absolutely hates this praying doll she got as a gift...it's so sad! She will hide her face and try to move away. I hope she learns to like it because it's a cute little doll. 

Milestones: She's sitting up by herself for longer periods now. She only loses her balance if she gets excited or reaches for a toy. Her head control is amazing, and she has discovered she can look all around now. She can grab for toys pretty well now, and they all end up in her mouth, then on the floor once she's tired of it.  She's rolling from her belly to back. And from her back to belly..which she prefers to roll from back to belly. She's starting to laugh! We have to work hard to get laughs out of her. But she is a super smiley baby. She discovered her feet awhile ago, but now she is putting them in her mouth. 

Firsts: Rolling from her back to belly. First time being outside and enjoying some warm weather! And feeling grass. She rode in a golf cart for the first time...can't tell if she liked it yet, but it did put her to sleep! 

Personality: She just keeps developing her little personality! She is so sweet and she also is a little comedian. I swear she literally laughs at herself. Have I mentioned that I feel like I could just stare at her all day?