Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Babyganics Review

When Ellie was born, I was very concerned about what kind of products I used on her. They had to be all natural, sensitive, chemical free, and dye free. and I especially didn't want any Johnson & Johnson products. I've read articles, whether or not they are true is still enough for me to never want to use them on my baby. Side not, Aveeno may look "natural" but it's made by Johnson & Johnson.

We tried the Honest Company, gave her a rash. Tried Burt's Bees, gave her a worse rash. Finally I came across Babyganics and I'm in love with their products! I got the whole gift set at target to try each out and she hasn't had a reaction to any of it. So thankful!
Daily Lotion- I love this lotion because it's lightweight and perfect for daytime use. It's so lightly scented that I don't even smell it once it's on.

Bubble bath- Ellie gets a bath every night, but we do bubble bath every other to give her skin a break. She loves when the bath is full of bubbles though. I've noticed that this doesn't leave a residue on her skin either.

Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash- On the nights we don't use bubbles, I still like to use soap to clean her, especially if we've been out and about. This foaming soap is amazing! It's so gentle on her skin. Plus it doesn't create bubbles so it doesn't dry out her skin. Which is a plus.

Foaming Bottle & Dish Soap- This stuff is amazing when it comes to getting her bottles clean. Milk leaves a weird film in bottles and this does great at getting it out. I even use it to clean my pump parts as well.

Toy, Table, & Highchair Wipes- These are really great for use on the go. I wipe down EVERYTHING with them. And feel better knowing she's not sticking who knows what in her mouth.

Hand Sanitizer- This is handy for use after diaper changes. It doesn't dry out my hands. It does have a weird smell to it. But it doesn't last very long so I don't notice them smell once it dries.

Other products I love from Babyganics

Eczema Care Skin Protectant Cream- Ellie has pretty dry skin. So at night I like to use a lotion for Eczema since she has small patches of it sometimes. This usually helps clear it up and it helps prevent it. Her skin is literally, baby soft.

Ultra Absorbent Diapers- We tried many diapers when Ellie was born. But she has a reaction to pampers, and I don't even bother trying huggies. I'm not a fan of commercial popular brands. We alternate between Honest Company and these. I really can't decide which I like more EXCEPT that Babyganics are cheaper! So being free of chemicals and all natural, and cost effective. That's a plus in my book!

Face, Hand & Baby Wipes- Just like diapers, I had to find wipes that are sensitive enough to not give Ellie a rash. These are great because they are so gentle and defiantly work well! Some all natural wipes don't work very well and you end up using a whole container for one diaper change.

I'm really glad that I found Babyganics! I know they have a lot more products and I plan on trying them! If you haven't tried Babyganics, I suggest you should. If you are a mom-to-be defiantly add these items to your registry!