Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Four Months

Baby girl you are just the biggest ray of sunshine and such a joy. Each month you grow, learn something new, and you keep filling our hearts with so much love. 

February 16th, 2016
4 months old

First time in a walker 

Loves her bouncer!

Valentine's Day 

Trying to stand and play 

Weight: 14 pounds. 
Height: 22.5 in (I have a little munchkin for sure)
Eye Color: Still a pretty blue. 

Hair Color: Light brown/blonde AND ladies and gentlemen...it has some red in it now!! 

Diaper Size: Size 1 but I tried size 2 on her just a few days ago and I think she's in between sizes currently. 

Clothes Size: She is still in 3 month clothes. But 6 months give her a little wiggle room. And she has some chunky thighs that I feel like 3-6 month pants fit her better. 

Sleep: Let's see...for daddy she might sleep an hour for a nap. For mommy she can nap 2-3 hours.  She can be a good sleeper, but it really just depends. Every day is different. But she has three nap times, even if she doesn't nap, I try to get her to just relax in the quiet. We are also trying to transition her into sleeping in her own bed. It's defiantly hard, especially since she is so dependent on her pacifier, the moment it falls out her eyes pop wide open. 

Eating: Every 2-3 hours during the day. Night is 4-5 hours. She has a semi-schedule down. She takes about 4 oz. in a bottle. 

Likes: Being talked to, well I should say squealed at. This girl squeals all day long. And it's the most adorable thing. She's starting to take interest in her toys more and reaching out for them. Loves her bath. Snuggles. Being sung to. She loves to stand now, and just squeals every time I let her. 

Dislikes: She is starting to have stranger anxiety I think. She is already developing a sense of who she is used to and who she isn't. She will hardcore cry if she's not used to someone, unless her mommy or daddy is holding her. But of course sometimes she's fine with someone else holding her. Doesn't like having her clothes changed. At all. She yells at me every. single. time. It's super fun when she spits up or has and explosion, multiple times a day.  

Milestones: She's trying to sit up by herself, and she can almost but still doesn't have full control. I finally feel like she can hold her head up well enough that her neck isn't going to break. Even though she loves to throw herself backwards or forwards sometimes. She now knows that if she reaches for a toy, she can hold it and put it in her mouth. She gets a kick out of every time she does it. She's rolling from her belly to back. And trying to roll from her back to belly. But stops at her side. 
She is now able to be in a walker or bouncer and loves it! This little girl is so active already. I'm going to have my hands so full.....well I already do. But it's so much fun! 

Firsts: Poor baby had her first cold. It was awful. My heart broke for her and I wished I was sick instead of her. She experienced her first blizzard! Well we didn't take her out in it until the day after. First time shopping at Kate Spade..yes this is something to remember because her momma loves Kate Spade...but also it won't be her last time. First time house hunting with mommy and daddy. 

Personality: She is a princess, through and through. She lights up anytime she's talked to and squeals away. But the second you do something she doesn't like, she will let you know. It's quite funny because I know she is just learning how to communicate with us. She is also a mommy's girl. Anytime I'm not holding her and she catches a glimpse of me, she will start to whimper and then fuss until I get her. She's lucky she's so darn cute.