Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ellexia's Name Meaning

One of the most exciting things about having a baby(besides having a baby ;) is choosing a name. I always had names picked out that I liked..what girl doesn't? But when it came time to actually name my baby. I started to not like anything. Choosing a name was fun, but also so challenging. Before we knew what we were having we looked at both boy and girl names. But for the life of me I just hated all boy names. I'm pretty sure that was my mother instincts working, because I just always had a feeling I was having a girl. As soon as we found out we were having a girl, picking out a name became tough. Mainly because both my husband and I are so stubborn we wouldn't agree on anything. We actually had her middle name picked out first, it was a compromise as well. Caleb always wanted to name his son Schylar but I don't like that name at all, especially not for a boy. We came across Skye, and we both liked it for a middle name. 
There are names that we both liked. So we made a list each and read what the other had and circled the ones we agreed on. Our list became smaller and smaller over time until we were down to our top picks. My husband's top pick was Alexia and mine was Elliana, and I wanted to call her Ellie. He wasn't against Ellie but didn't like Elliana. I liked Alexia, but I wasn't a fan of the spelling because I had my heart set on calling her Ellie as a nickname. I remember our ride home from the beach thinking how could we possibly make up our minds and agree on a name. Well it just hit me, what if we change the spelling of Alexia since I did like that name a lot, to Ellexia. And then I can still call her Ellie. We both win. Of course he had to sleep on it. He always said that he would only call her Ellexia, but now that she's here, he calls her Ellie. And he has admitted to that she just looks like an Ellie. So once we wrote out the full name it just felt like that was our baby girl's name. Once we agreed we sat on it for a few days before revealing to family her name. Only family and close friends knew her name, just because we both didn't want to reveal her name publicly until she was born. And I'm so glad because it made announcing her arrival even more special.  
Does her name have a meaning? Yes, of course. Even though the spelling is changed, it still has the same meaning. So here's a breakdown of her name 

Ellexia- Defender of man, helper
Ellie- bright shining one. Light
Skye- Sky
Ruth- This is my mom's maiden name. There weren't any boys in her family to carry on the name. So she put it in my name. And I always said if I have a girl, I will put it in her name. 

I love her name but I already get funny looks because I'll tell people we call her Ellie and they don't understand until I explain how her first name is spelled. Sorry baby girl for giving you a name people will always ask you how to spell. But your mommy has dealt with the same thing, and it'll be ok <3 I hope she grows up loving her name as much as we do. She's defiantly the bright shining sky of our world.