Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Three Month Update

Happy THREE months baby girl!
She's officially considered an infant and not a newborn anymore. Excuse me while I just shed tears over that fact. She has grown so much. I already miss my tiny little baby that would just sleep all day long, and who couldn't even fit into newborn clothes. But on the other side of things, I love seeing her grow and learn new things. Seeing the world through a baby's eyes is amazing. Everything to them is new and wonderful that they just take everything in. Every month I try my best to look back on the day she was born and remember everything that happened. I never thought I would forget so much considering I had it a lot harder. But I truly only remember bits and pieces. 
I know I'll never forget the moment I met her. That moment was worth all of the pain and exhaustion.

Her little personality is really starting to come through. She loves to be talked to and she'll respond back mainly with squeals and smiles. I keep track of her growth and if she's meeting milestones through different apps. This girl is only three months but she is acting like she's four and half months...I think I may have my hands full the older she gets ;) but you keep on learning little girl!  I'll probably say this all the time. But watching her grow and learn just really is incredible. 

Seriously having a little girl is the best! Getting to dress her up and take pictures is just so fun. It helps that I have a little model on my hands that enjoys it! But she is defiantly a little diva because she will let me know as soon as she's done and had enough of pictures. 

Weight: 11 pounds. 
Height: 21 3/4 in
Eye Color: Still a pretty blue. 
Hair Color: Light brown/blonde AND ladies and gentlemen...it has some red in it now!! 
Diaper Size: Size 1!
Clothes Size: I had to officially put away all of her newborn clothes...so sad. She wears 0-3 months most of the time. But some of her pants are 3-6 months.
Sleep: During the day I'm lucky if she sleeps an hour. But she usually takes an evening nap that is two hours. At night she goes 3-4 hours stretches. We had one 7 hour stretch and that was amazing. But I think she was/is going through a growth spurt.
Eating: Every 2-3 hours during the day. Night is 3-4 hours. She has a semi-schedule down. 
Likes: Being talked to. Her toys, especially her owl. She just snuggles up with it. Still loves going places. She's such a good baby when I have errands to run. Loves to be naked and have her belly tickled. 

Dislikes: Hates going to sleep. She will fight it so much. 

Still throws a fit when she gets dressed but not as much. 

Milestones: She will rollover now! But not everytime she's on her belly. She's been reaching out to grab things. And she especially loves to feel her blankets and toys. It's cute because she will watch her hand open and close. She's been holding her head up so well now. We got some giggles going on to. Oh how I can't wait for the first real belly laugh!
Firsts: She had her first daddy-daughter day and loved being with her daddy all day. Celebrated her first Christmas and got to bring in the New Year. You can read about those here
Personality: She is such a little ham. She smiles and giggles all the time. She just is a social butterfly and loves seeing people and being talked to.