Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2 Months

Some one is super happy and excited to be 2 months old!

(Mismatched socks...because if you've ever washed baby socks. You'd understand)

Our little turkey. Celebrated her first Thanksgiving 

With her cousin who is just three weeks younger than her. They are seriously adorable. 

Getting in the Christmas spirit in her reindeer jammies 

"Helping" mommy with Christmas gifts

She just adores her daddy

These past two months have been filled with so much love and joy. And of course have flown by. It's weird because two months have gone by so fast but at the same time it doesn't seem like that long at all. 

I'm just amazed every day with this little girl. She may be only two months but she definitely is a baby who likes to be on the go. Our daily routine consists of at least one outing. I've been to Target so much recently, and have spent way to much money because um how am I supposed to avoid her clothes? As long as we go out she is really content and will take a nice long nap when we get home. Makes us both happy. I definitely have the cutest shopping buddy! 

Exactly two months ago today, after 28 hours of the worst pain I have ever experienced. This little princess arrived into the world and changed my life. I will never forget that day or everything I went through. But I'd do it all again for her. Being her mommy is the greatest blessing. 

2 months old
December 16th, 2015

Weight: 9-9.5 pounds. She's such a little girl. But she's defiantly getting some chunk and has the cutest little rolls. 
Height: 21 3/4 in
Eye Color: Blue! Over the past month they have been getting more blue and everyone keeps saying they'll be blue. And the doctor who delivered her said she's going to have blue eyes! Neither Caleb or I have blue eyes but they do run in both our families. 
Hair Color: Light brown/blonde 
Diaper Size: Size 1!
Clothes Size: Some of her newborn clothes still fit but others are to small. But she's fitting into more of her 0-3 months
Sleep: During the day maybe 2 hours. But if we go somewhere she takes a longer nap. She loves car rides. Night time...she hasn't gotten on any schedule yet. 
Eating: Every 2-3 hours during the day. At night she can sometimes go for four hours. But she's constantly growing still so I don't expect her to have any routine yet. She eats when she's hungry. Even if it might have been an hour ago. 
Likes: Bathtime is her favorite! Also car rides and going places. She is mesmerized by the Christmas tree. She just loves looking all around. She just smiles so much when she's talked to. Also she has mastered the squeal. It's pretty adorable. Loves to sleep on mine or Caleb's chest and be all snuggled.
Dislikes: Hates going to sleep. She will fight it so much. Seriously little girl, you're going to adore sleep one day...

Lately she has been throwing a royal fit when she gets dressed.
Milestones: She ALMOST rolled over! She just couldn't quite get those legs to move. But I think soon she'll be. She's really starting to focus on objects and tries to reach for them. She's so active already and just seems so curious about the world around her.
Firsts: I started work, so this is the first time she's been away from me. I don't know who is more upset, me or her? I'm so grateful that I only have to work part time so I don't have to be away from her to long. She also calmed down and fell asleep on her daddy for the first time. Usually she only wants me to so I'm glad she is learning that she can be comforted by her daddy. Ellie also celebrated her first Thanksgiving. She ate and slept like most people do on Thanksgiving 😉
Personality: She is such a sweetheart! I can't wait to see how her personality develops.