Sunday, November 8, 2015

One Month

One month! 
How do I have a one month old already?! Time has been flying...didn't I say that a lot when I was pregnant? 

Being a mom is one of the most exhausting, frustrating, and hardest jobs. But it's even more amazing, rewarding, and most joyous. My daughter brings so much joy to my life. Having a baby is such a blessing. It's such an incredible feeling looking down at her and knowing that just 10 months ago she was no bigger than a poppyseed and now she's here in my arms. 

So how has Ellie been?! I decided to continue updates but not of me anymore. I'll be doing monthly updates of her! She's constantly growing and I wanted a way to document(and remember) things. So here's her one month update! 

1 Month

Weight: 7 lbs 8 oz is what she weighed at the doctors. 
Height: 21 3/4 in
Eye Color: Blue gray. But I know they'll change 
Hair Color: Light brown
Diaper Size: Newborn but even those can be a little big depending on the brand. I love the honest company diapers but they seem to run big. 
Clothes Size: Newborn still. I've had to buy more because most of the outfits are 0-3 months and she swims in them still. 
Sleep: Oh little girl, she will sleep amazing if me or her daddy is holding her. But as soon as we put her down she wakes up. We have a little bassinet in our room to keep her close and she just doesn't like it. So far she will sleep 2 hours in it. Hopefully here soon she gets used to it because I'd love longer sleep stretches. 
Eating: Every 2-3 hours during the day. At night she can sometimes go for four hours but that's still rare. She has days where she will want to eat every single hour. You'd think she would be 10lbs with how much she eats. 
Likes: Eating. She would probably just eat constantly if I let her. She loves music, when she fusses we will put music on and she'll get quiet to listen. Loves bathtime. Loves to lay in daddy's lap when he's playing video games. Sleeping cuddled up in a warm blanket close to us, it's my favorite too! Nothing like having a cuddly warm baby. She loves car rides and target trips. 
Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed. Hates it. And being naked in general. Also she hates to be moved if she's comfortable. And really throws a fit if mommy is taking to long to feed her. 
Milestones: She's already holding her head up so much. I've gotten a few smiles and one or two coos. Of course it could be gas. But I'll take it! 
Firsts: She had her first bath in her tub at 2 weeks old. It was hard at first because her daddy has to hold her since she's so little. First target trip when she was just a week old. We took her on her first walk last week since the weather here was unusually warm. She lasted about 5 minutes. 
Personality: Even for being a month old. She already has a tiny personality. But I know it's only going to grow and I'm so excited to see her develop one. 


I got the outline from this gorgeous momma' blog:
Definitely check out her blog. Her little girl is so adorable!