Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Birth Story

Introducing Ellexia Skye Cheek
Born October 16th at 11:18 P.M 
7lbs 6.5 Oz
20.5 in long
Pure Perfection

As I sit here type this, I look over and see this girl's sweet face. The long awaited arrival of our little princess came to an end Friday evening on October 16th. All of the pain, sickness, and discomfort melted away when I met her for the first time. 

My entire pregnancy I planned on the most natural birth as possible. No drugs, no interventions, and especially I didn't want to be induced.  Well as a first time mom I was told things won't go as planned. So here's Ellie's birth story. I'll try to be as detailed as possible but I have already forgotten a lot. 

So I knew my due date was coming up and each week at the doctors there wasn't much progress as in my cervix wasn't dilating even though I would get steady contractions. But they would go away. Her head was low and I was thinning out but that all only means so much. So when I hit 40 weeks I knew that the possibility of me being induced was growing. So once 40 weeks came and went. We had the option for me to be induced after 41 weeks. After feeling miserable and just ready to have her I decided that we would see how she's doing and go from there. 

On Wednesday October 14th, I had an NST scheduled. Which is just a non stress test to make sure the baby is doing okay. She passed with flying colors. Then we headed to get an ultrasound, we had one the week before to check her fluid levels and they were great. If they were the same then I would be okay waiting longer. Well I noticed right away that it was significantly lower. And they were. So that right there made me decide that getting induced was the best thing and that I just needed to be okay with not going into labor on my own. 

Thursday October 15th was the evening we headed to the hospital to start the induction process. I was so emotional that tears were flowing before we left. Mainly because we were going to be meeting our daughter the next day. But also because I'm terrified of the hospital. I should be considered "flight risk" because I'd do anything to get out of there. No joke. But this occasion would bring our bundle of joy and that's what I focused on. At the hospital as soon as we arrived they admitted us to our room. And I got hooked up to the lovely monitors. Earlier that day I was starting to have contractions but they weren't strong or regular. So the doctor came in and gave me cervidal....I'm not sure how to spell it...anyways that was horrible. It felt like Velcro being shoved up me. Not pleasant. After awhile my contractions were starting to get stronger. Around 12 they were back to back but I wasn't dilating. It was going to be a long night as I was in a lot of pain. I told Caleb that I needed something because I was just to uncomfortable and I needed sleep. I didn't want an epidural so soon so my only option was pain meds through my IV. Not what I wanted at all. But I needed sleep. So after I got the medicine I had a terrible reaction to it. I started to freak out because I felt so weird and sick. That stuff made me have some weird dreams. It lasted for about three hours and I got maybe an hour sleep. Yes it took my pain away but it had some horrible side effects. 

Friday October 16th. After a rough night I knew things were going to get harder. But nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to go through. 
At about 7am my doctor came in to check me. I was only a half centimeter dilated. I felt really bummed and angry. So she was able to make me a full centimeter because my cervix was completely thinned out. And she broke my water. So things were going to progress from here. I was given a low dose of pitocin to help steady contractions so my body could dilate. About an hour or so later I was having terrible contractions in my back. They definitely were consistent and the only thing that helped was Caleb putting pressure on my back. This only worked for so long. I knew that I would get an epidural at some point but the nurse said I needed to decide soon because the anesthesiologist was already on the floor administrating them and I'd be third. So after talking it over with Caleb I decided to get one. And once again help me rest because I was so exhausted already. I was more scared of the epidural because of hearing stories but it honestly wasn't bad at all. The doctor was amazing and I may have felt a few pinches. But after it was in I felt so much better and could finally rest. Well after about an hour the pain returned, but much stronger. They increased the maximum dosage of the epidural but it wasn't helping. I was indeed having back labor. Which is way more intense and painful than regular labor. Now I'll be honest after this point things are a bit blurry. For awhile Caleb was coaching me through and got a cold damp cloth that I had over my eyes from that point on. After awhile my dad came and I had my dad on one side talking me through and Caleb on the other helping me breathe through them. This whole pregnancy I thought I didn't want anyone in the room while I was laboring. But I was in such a focused state of mind that I really didn't care what was happening around me. In the room was my mom, dad, Caleb, and my niece Alissa. All of them helped and supported me through each and every second. Around 5 or 6 pm I was about 7 centimeters dilated and the doctor told everyone that I should be ready to push by 8! Everyone was so happy because we were getting closer and closer. I was happy but I knew the contractions were about to get stronger and stronger. But having the best support I made it through. Side note: I was extremely nauseous because of the pain but my body wouldn't throw up so I dealt with horrible hiccups after each contraction. Is that even a thing?! Around 8:15 pm I was fully dilated and ready to push! I was so relieved. Once the room cleared out it was just Caleb and I because I knew that's how I wanted things. And he was such an amazing support the whole time. Well after a few pushes I was so numb that I just couldn't feel anything...which made it impossible to push. So they turned off the epidural. After this I only remember a few things. But I literally couldn't push. I was so weak and exhausted that I kept telling Caleb I couldn't do it. Of course he told me I could but I was just so tired. I looked at Caleb and we both knew that the possibility of a c-section was becoming more real because I didn't have anything left in me. After pushing for 2 and half hours or so my doctor finally came in and said we are having this baby, now. Around the same time Caleb sent out a text to his mom who was in the waiting room along with the rest of our family and close friends asking them all to pray for me to have strength since I was feeling so done. I later found out they all formed a circle, held hands and prayed. A few moments later I felt a burst of energy soar through my body and I was determined to bring my daughter into this world. 30 minutes later we welcomed the most beautiful & perfect baby girl into the world. It was such an amazing moment finally having her placed in my arms. I cried, her daddy cried. We were so in love and happy to have her in our arms.
After some skin to skin time, they cleaned her up a little and Caleb sent out to tell everyone the news. Well my family being who they are happened to ask the nurses an update since it was getting later and later and they announced that she was here...of course they all cheered and couldn't wait to come back. Before Caleb could go get them they were all heading down the hallway. The moment everyone laid eyes on her there wasn't a dry eye. 
The rest of the night after our visitors left, I spent the entire night just holding her. I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to sleep. How could you sleep when you just met your baby for the first time? 
I had a hard labor. Which led to pushing for 3 hours. And an even harder recovery. Was it the labor and delivery I pictured? Not at all. I wanted a drug free labor but with being induced, it was much harder on my body so I had to get an epidural. Even though it didn't work. I also didn't know what to expect. No one could have prepared for labor and delivery. Not even someone's most horrible labor story. But looking at my daughter, all of the pain was worth it. She's the most precious little girl and I couldn't thank God enough for blessing Caleb and I with her. Without God, Caleb, family, and friends. I couldn't have made it through. Everyone who was praying for us, just know how thankful I am for you. I know as the months pass I'll forget most of how everything felt. But I'll never forget how strong Caleb was through everything, and the love and support I felt by him and everyone else. 

Here is a few pictures of Ellie's first few days <3 

Thursday night-The calm before the storm! 

 When in freeze out your husband..

Ellexia being held by her pappap for the first time

 Auntie Alissa holding her for the first time

 With her daddy <3

Her daddy got to change her first diaper..which happened to be the first diaper he ever changed.

 My sweet little girl

My little family.
My heart is so full and I can't imagine my life any different