Wednesday, October 7, 2015

40 Weeks!

Today is my due date!! It's such a beautiful day too! 
40 weeks!
And guess baby yet! 
Which I had a feeling she wouldn't come before her due date. At every appointment she has always measured exactly on time, and once she was a week behind. 
But with that said...I'm beyond ready for her to move out and make her appearance! Since last Wednesday I've been really uncomfortable and pretty miserable. I have defiantly been soaking in these last few days with her in my belly. But at this point all I want is her here on the outside. It's kind of hard to enjoy things when I just am feeling pretty crappy. 

I'm taking these days to make sure we are prepared for our little one. I realized after I got out of the hospital last week that we still had things we needed to do and buy. So thankfully as of today, we are officially done and there isn't anything left to do except to wait. Which has been driving me crazy. I know I'm suppose to rest but I find myself cleaning and organizing(well reorganizing) almost anything I can. Or I go out shopping because the thought of sitting at home I just can't deal with. I've seen a lot of Target these past few weeks...and Target has gotten a lot of my money...
You'd think for feeling crappy I wouldn't want to do anything...well that's the funny thing about pregnancy. NOTHING makes sense at all. 

How far along? 40 Weeks

Total weight gain: 27+ but at my appointment I couldn't see the scale past my belly and I forgot to look. 

Maternity clothes? I have a few maternity shirts I love. If I wear jeans I usually just use a belly band. But mainly I live in leggings and yoga pants. Because it's all about the comfort now. 

Stretch marks? None! I'm crossing my fingers that I just may be lucky enough to not get any! 

Sleep: Horrible...I'm so uncomfortable and get all achy that it makes sleeping impossible. 

Best moment of this week: FINALLY stopped raining on Sunday. It's my due date and knowing that we will meet our girl soon is just exciting! 

Miss anything? Where do I even begin?! Within the past week I've gotten even more uncomfortable and tired. Which I didn't think was possible. But of course I was proven wrong ;) 

Movement: Yes! She has developed a habit of being pretty calm throughout the day. But at night she goes crazy. Thank goodness all of these months of no sleep have prepared me to possibly have a little night owl. 

Food cravings: None. I find myself extremely hungry. But food just isn't appealing to me. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really 

Gender: A little princess! 

Labor signs: Braxton hicks contractions, and I also have been getting painful ones which could be actual contractions. I'm not dilating, but things are thinned out down there and her head is really low. Any day now! 

Symptoms:  Pressure. Headaches. Back aches. Hip aches. Body aches. Exhaustion. Isn't it lovely?! 

Belly button in or out? It seems to be out/flat

Wedding rings on or off? Off...I have a different ring that I'll wear out. Oh how I can't wait to wear my rings again! 

Happy or moody most of the time: I've found myself to be pretty on edge lately. I have zero tolerance for, well just life in general right now. But I'm SO happy and excited that it's now down to just days until we FINALLY meet our baby girl! 

Looking forward to: To meeting this little girl! Seriously little lady, you can come like now ^_^