Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's in My Hospital Bag

I have FINALLY finished packing my hospital bag. It's only taking me a few weeks. I think I started it about a month ago. But I've been so indecisive on what to bring. So I finally decided that if I happen to need anything, our hospital is super close to our house and stores. So no need to sweat the small details. 

I seriously love this Thirty-One duffel bag. My mother-in-law is a Thirty-One consulted and she gave us this bag as a gift. Of course it had to have our last name on it! 

ANYWAYS here is what I am bringing with us. There is also things that I didn't take pictures of but I'll note them down below. Just like with our baby's hospital bag, I may have overpacked and won't use half the stuff I bring. But I'll know for next time. And I'll defiantly write a post about what we ended up using and what we didn't need. 

 Pictured Above: Breast Pads, Pads, Nipple Balm, & Spray bottle.
I did learn that my hospital provides breast pads, and they give me a recovery goodie bag that will have pads and stuff. But I bought these before I knew, so I'll take them just because. 

Pictured Above: Shampoo & Conditioner, q-tips(mainly for hubby because he HAS to use them everyday) Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, body wash, deodorant, lip balm, and face wash. 
The necessities. I read that showering after giving birth is amazing. And I wanted to be able to shower with my own products. All found at Target. 

 Pictured Above: Towels and washcloths. 
Because hospitals weird me out, I want to bring my own towels and washcloths. Plus mine are super soft. Also I LOVE Norwex body cloths, I use them for my face and they remove eye makeup so well. Defiantly needed. 

Pictured Above: Super soft robe- Found at Target.
I plan to wear this robe after labor and delivery. I figured I'll want something soft and comfortable, but cute for when we have visitors. And I also do not want to spend the entire time in a hospital gown. 

Pictured Above: Yes this is my makeup bag.
Yes I plan to wear makeup
and yes I probably sound crazy. 

Pictured Above: Ipad, Macbook Air, & Charger
I have specific apps on my iPad that I plan on helping me relax during labor. And I'm bringing my Mac for the same reason. *Not pictured-Our phones of course! 

Pictured Above: Pillow and blanket
These are mainly for my hubby, so he will have some things to keep him comfortable for our overnight stay. 

Not Pictured
1. Clothes for my husband
2. My outfit that I'm wearing to go home in
3. Underwear( Because who wants to see that?) 
4. Flip Flops to shower in

This is what I've decided to bring. And our bags are all packed up and waiting for the big day! 

Cheers! <3