Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag

I have read lists, after lists, and blogs after blogs about what everyone puts in their baby's hospital bags. Of course it ranges from someone bringing a whole bunch of stuff, to someone bringing just the baby's take home outfit. Which both to me makes sense. Because yes, the hospital will provide everything that baby will need those few days in the hospital. But some people want to bring what they will be using for their baby. Packing a bag for baby is a good idea because you will already have the diaper bag packed and ready to go. 

I honestly couldn't wait to pack her diaper bag! And I'm one of those parents who will want their baby in my stuff from the beginning. And maybe some of you are second time moms are will probably roll their eyes and think I'm crazy for bringing all this stuff for my baby. But hey, you live and you learn! If I'm bringing to much then I will know for the next baby what to bring. Also, every hospital provides different things. 

I finished (I think) packing her hospital/diaper bag about a few weeks ago. So I decided to share what's going into her bag, so maybe it'll help some of you with what to put in your diaper bags! 

 Inside her diaper bag

 Wipe case, extra wipes, pacifier, and newborn diapers.
 Newborn diapers are the absolute cutest little things. 

 I bringing two sleepers. The right one is size 0-3 months, and the light pink is newborn. Since I don't know how big she'll be I want to have one that she'll fit into comfortably. 

 This is her maybe take home outfit. I haven't fully decided because I have another idea but I just haven't bought it yet. So if I don't get around to it. This is what we will be bringing her home in. Not pictured, a mint crochet hat with a bow that my mom is making for her. 

A receiving blanket, regular blanket, two pairs of mittens, and an extra pair of socks.
I feel that the receiving blanket is a must because I would rather swaddle her in a blanket from home, than in one from the hospital. Everything I have read, they always say to bring mittens! Because their tiny little nails are so sharp and you don't want them scratching themselves. 

It doesn't seem like to much that I'm bringing. And I honestly don't think it's a lot. There might be a few more things that end up in her bag. But for now this is what I have packed. 

I'm still working on mine and my hubby's hospital bag. It's almost finished! But there are a few things I still need to get before I'm done with it. Once I finish it, I'll defiantly show you what's in ours.