Friday, September 18, 2015

Third Trimester Must Haves

As I'm almost done being pregnant(wow that felt weird to type) I decided to make a list of third trimester must haves. Just like this one I did for the second trimester. The third trimester can be the ultimate challenge out of all the trimesters. With the aches and pains, lack of sleep, huge belly, and the urge to pee ALL THE TIME. But you have to remember, you're in the final home stretch and soon it will all be a distant memory when you're holding your sweet little baby. 

If you got through the first trimester, you can get through the third! 

These are things that I have found helpful for me in these last few months.   

Third Trimester Must Haves

1. Vitamin E Oil- I have noticed that my belly is the most itchy thing ever in the last trimester, which obviously makes sense because that's when it stretches the most. Along with it being itchy, it'll feel super sore, almost bruised and putting lotion on just makes it worse. The oil is nice because it just glides on. I use this morning and night. And sometimes throughout the day if it's bothering me. Currently I don't have any stretch marks! Hopefully that continues. 

2. Yoga Pants and Comfy Shirts- When I'm at home, I live in comfortable pants and shirts. You have a growing belly that is uncomfortable most of the time, so it's a good idea to invest in comfortable but cute clothes. Plus you will want them after the baby is here.

3. Flip Flops- If you're lucky like me, and get to be pregnant during the summer, shoes will become pretty hot and uncomfortable. Also since swelling happens during these last months you will want shoes that don't squeeze your feet. Also, have you ever tried to tie shoes while being 8-9 months pregnant? It's almost impossible and it's better to just go with shoes that slip on. 

4. Raspberry Leaf Tea- There is a lot of information about the benefits of drinking this tea in  your third trimester. First of all, NO it does NOT bring on seriously bothers me so much when people say it does. It tones and prepares your uterus for delivery and can help shorten labor. Now for some it doesn't work, which is fine. Of course I haven't found out if it works for me or not. If it does, great, if it doesn't, great. At least I tried! 

5. Tums- Horrible heartburn...need I say more? 

6. Cheese Sticks- Or any healthy snack. Because when you have a growing baby taking up all of the room, there's not much space for your stomach. And eating big meals just doesn't sound as appealing. It's best to stock up and healthy snacks! My favorite is cheese sticks because they have calcium and protein. 

7. Kleenex- I carry tissues with me everywhere because my nose is constantly running. Between allergies and pregnancy related symptoms I don't have much of a break. Most pregnant woman complain of stuffy & runny noses in their third trimester. So it's best to have these handy. 

8. Cute Water Bottle- I have such an unquenchable thirst, I feel like I can't drink enough. Apparently it's normal this late in pregnancy. So I got a cute water bottle since I would be using it 24/7. Plus it's super important to stay hydrated. 

9. A Treat- You've dealt with morning sickness, fatigued, embarrassing symptoms, and etc. You deserve to treat yourself. My treat of choice would be Starbucks. I crave their iced coffees ALL the time. I tried making them at home, but it's just not the same. My little girl is addicted to Starbucks...and she isn't even born yet! I don't have one everyday, but probably once a week.