Wednesday, September 23, 2015

38 Weeks

38 weeks
2 weeks to go
14 days!!!!

Happy 1st day of Fall!! I love fall. Just the season is so pretty with the changing leaves, all of the pumpkin and fall flavors, and of course we will have a fall baby! So much excitement for this time of year. 

I don't know how much bigger this girl is going to get, but my insides literally feel like there's no room left. And I really hope she comes soon. But I do know that being a first time mom that it's very common to go past the due date. And she will come on her own time. 

Monday night was my last night teaching dance until she's here. I love teaching, but when you are off balance and have a bowling ball infant of you. It just isn't fun. Plus I can't move like I normally would and well, you get the idea. I can't wait to go back to the studio though! And bring her with me of course. 

Lately I've been feeling pretty heavy and huge. So at dance I decided to take a picture and compare. 

The picture on the left was just 3 weeks ago. And the one on the right was Monday. There's a difference but not what I expected! I feel like I LOOK smaller and my belly is just pointing out more. It's so crazy how much your body changes during pregnancy.

How far along? 38 Weeks

Total weight gain: 27+

Maternity clothes? Defiantly! I don't think I could survive without them! 

Stretch marks? Not yet! They say you can get them in the last few I'm hoping I don't. I'm constantly putting Vitamin E oil on my stomach. But my stomach has felt super sore so I'm not sure if they'll show up these last few weeks. 

Sleep: I don't even know that word means anymore. 

Best moment of this week: Caleb and I spent the day together in Gettysburg. Just shopping and wondering around. Since it's going to be a long time before we will just have us time. I know we will make time for us, but it'll just be different. We won't be able to wake up one morning and be like spur of the moment we are taking a day trip. 

Miss anything? SLEEP! Seriously...I can't even sleep for two straight hours. And don't even dare to tell me to get used to it at this point because I probably will just look at you like you're crazy. 

Movement: Yes! And I've noticed that she moves more when her daddy is around. During the day if he's working, she's pretty calm. But as soon as he gets home she has a party. It's honestly so adorable. 

Food cravings: None. I honestly don't even care for food. But I do find myself extremely thirsty and craving drinks. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: As long as I avoid meat I'm okay. 

Gender: A sweet baby girl! 

Labor signs: Braxton hicks contractions. I have been feeling some minor cramping. But I don't really think they're signs. I'm sure this girl is going to come when we least expect it. 

Symptoms:  Achy back...I even have gone to the chiropractor but it only helps a little bit. Super stuffy and runny nose. I sound like I'm sick all the time. And I have to pee ALL the time now. 

Belly button in or out? It seems to be out/flat

Wedding rings on or off? Off...I have a different ring that I'll wear out. But I'm so scared that my fingers will randomly swell and I won't be able to get my wedding & engagement ring off...

Happy or moody most of the time: I'm seriously a basket full of emotions lately. Anything makes me teary eyed! 

Looking forward to: To meeting this little girl! Seriously little lady, you can come like now ^_^