Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pink and Gold Princess Baby Shower

This past weekend I had my baby shower. But before that I got to get pampered. And I highly recommend to ALL pregnant woman out there....get a prenatal massage and a pedicure. Seriously you will feel amazing. My husband and his parents got me a gift certificate to Warm Springs Spa and I decided to use it the day of my shower. I can't tell you how nice it is to be pampered when you just feel pretty uncomfortable all the time. Also...I can barely paint my toes so having them done for me was perfect and will last until I have her. 

My baby shower was perfect and adorable! I didn't know any of the details except for where it was and the time. My parents hosted my shower in their backyard and it was beautiful. I was worried about the heat since of course I'm hotter than normal and it was one of the hotter days this summer. But since it was evening and they have lots of shade it wasn't to bad. Here are a few pictures from my shower...I can't share some of the ones with the details because they have her name in them and we aren't publicly announcing her name until she's born. So here's a few of my "Pink and Gold Princess Baby Shower" 


 The four amigos....I mean preggos ;) 
All of us are due in the span of a month and half...lots of new babies to welcome!

 Amazing macaroons made especially for me <3

Tables sparkled with gold glitter


 The guestbook is "The Princess and the Pea" 
Guests signed the book and wrote little wishes in it for her. It actually brought me to tears reading everything that people have said to her. I seriously can't wait for her to be able to read and understand what it says! She is indeed OUR princess. 

My sister-in-law made a watermelon baby carriage. So cute

Have to be goofy with my sister-in-laws! 

I had such an amazing evening celebrating our princess! A special thank you to everyone who helped put it all together. It was beautiful! Also a special thank you to everyone who came, we are so grateful for all the wonderful gifts we received. This baby girl is SO loved!