Thursday, August 13, 2015

32 Weeks

32 Weeks!
8 more to go! 
Little miss is the size of a squash...and is defiantly squashing my insides ;) 
I am getting more anxious about getting everything prepared for her arrival that I seem to have the need to clean and organize everything. I guess nesting is in full swing! 

Wearing Pink Blush Maternity top. Super soft and light. Defiantly recommend this brand to any pregnant ladies out there! Everything is so cute and comfortable. And when you're pregnant and feeling far from need clothes that make you feel pretty! 

How far along? 32 Weeks

Total weight gain: I've stopped paying to much attention. My doctor said that my weight gain is good and that's all that matters. 

Maternity clothes? Defiantly, I want to be comfortable these last few weeks.  

Stretch marks? Not yet! Still applying Vitamin E oil and Palmer's Stretch mark lotion. 

Sleep: Off and on. I can have a few nights where I can sleep for a few hours at a time before waking up. But others where I'm up every hour. I'm pretty sure it's preparing me to have a newborn :) 

Best moment of this week: Learning that she's head down and in position already! 

Miss anything? Feeling comfortable and being able to sleep all night long. 

Movement: Yes! I always love feeling her movements. And they're stronger and will move my whole belly sometimes. 

Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week. I still prefer some foods over others. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: A few smells have seem to started to bother me again. 

Gender: A sweet baby girl! 

Labor signs: Nothing except braxton hicks contractions

Symptoms: Sore hips, back, and ribs. Defiantly dealing with heartburn again. I'm starting to have shortness of breath sometimes. Also super thirsty...not sure if it's a symptom but I could just drink cold water all day long. 

Belly button in or out? It's still an innie-outie but more on the flat side. 

Wedding rings on or off? On and off. If I'm at home I won't wear them. But when I go out I will because I just hate not having anything on my finger. 

Happy or moody most of the time: If I'm tired I can be pretty moody. But otherwise pretty happy, 

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound tomorrow and my baby shower Saturday!