Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Babymoon

Have I ever said how much I love the beach? Well I do a lot. And some day Caleb and I plan to live near the beach. I've always loved the beach. It's so relaxing and peaceful. Caleb grew up going to Oak Island, NC and I grew up going to Assateaugue, MD and Outer Banks, NC. A few years ago, he took me to Oak Island and I haven't wanted to go to any other beach since. It's the cutest little island and it's exactly what I picture when I think of a little southern island. It's also close to Southport, NC which I adore that little town. If I could chose right now, that's where I'd love to raise our family. Maybe one day...but for now we will just take our family there for vacation. 

We went on vacation, which we called our babymoon. We had it planned probably sometime last year that we were going to be going with his side of the family this year. Little did we know that it was also going to be our babymoon. It's our last vacation "just us" and I was excited to spend time on the warm beach. We went to the beach for our honeymoon, but it was quite cold. 

We also had an oceanfront house. Which I've never been in but it was amazing. To wake up each morning and see the ocean, and be able to eat breakfast with the sound of the waves. Oh. I could defiantly go back there right now! 

So here is a few pictures from our week. I didn't take as many as I would have liked, just because I didn't have my phone on me all the time. 
But enjoy! 

 The view from our top deck! 

Evenings at the beach are always beautiful. 

A beach bump

Can't forget that we had a golf cart rental for the week! It was so fun being able to quickly drive places. We were spoiled and now we need one for every year! 

Out to dinner with the fam

Love these crazy people!

The biggest B.L.T I have ever eaten. Yes it was amazing, no I couldn't eat it all. I barely could eat half of it. 

We learned that it was National Donut Day...we didn't get free donuts but we got these amazing donuts from a local store on the island. Still tasted amazing. 

Clearly Caleb has an extreme love for donuts...and we wonder who's pregnant? ;) 

 Pool and spa day! Unfortunately I wasn't able to be in the sauna or steam room, but everyone else got to enjoy them! 

They are all a bunch of goofs and insisted they needed their picture taken.

Our amazing view! Oceanfront

Our last evening on the beach. 

I do have more pictures, from other family members. But I haven't received them. Once I do I'll add them to this post. 

We had such an amazing week. Couldn't have asked for better weather either. 

Also during our babymoon, we figured out our baby girl's name and her Mimi, gram gram, and auntie all got to feel her kick! 
So many memories with the ones we love and I look forward next year when our little girl sees the ocean for the first time.