Monday, June 22, 2015

10 Things That Surprised Me About Being Pregnant

Before I got pregnant, I always just assumed how pregnancy would be. You hear so many stories so I always wondered how I would handle being pregnant. I know everyone is different and pregnancy is different for each person. I'm currently 24 weeks, so halfway through pregnancy and I'm basing this off of what I have/have not experienced so far. 

Things that surprised me about being pregnant:

1. I expected to have crazy cravings, as in I would burst into tears if I was told no. This hasn't happened. I have wanted certain foods over others. But I can't say I was upset if I didn't have it. I would usually feel sick if I didn't eat what I wanted. I haven't wanted weird combinations of food either. 

2. I thought morning sickness would be easy to handle. Since dealing with so many stomach issues in the past, I felt like I was well equipped to handle pregnancy sickness. Oh, I was so wrong. Everything I knew just went out the window and didn't even matter. I won't lie, I had ALL day and ALL night sickness. I felt like death. I couldn't move my body without it aching and just feeling so sick. Every single thing I ate made me sick. I was sick if I didn't eat, sick if I ate. I had to go to the doctors more for testing because I was dizzy and passing out. I was so deficient in a lot of key vitamins. The baby was taking any nutrients from me and leaving me with nothing. Mentally I didn't care how I felt as long as the baby was healthy and growing. But physically, it was really hard. After a few months it eased up. But I do still get nauseous, and have days where I don't feel well. 

3. I thought I'd have crazy mood swings. I'll admit, I am more emotional than before, and can be pretty moody. But nothing like I thought. I expected outbursts, breakdowns, and how you see in the movies. Nope, nothing like that. I get angered and annoyed more easily. But usually for a reason. 

4. I thought I would have uncontrollable hunger. You see and hear about pregnant woman constantly eating and being hungry. Well that symptom skipped me. Whenever I feel hungry, I can't even finish a whole meal. I feel really full in just a few bites. Breakfast is the only meal I can eat more of. I may eat a little more than I did before I got pregnant, but nothing crazy at all. 

5. Being able to eat gluten and dairy. This one still shocks me. If you've been following me for a few years, you know just how sick both of things made me. Well not right now. I've been able to eat just about anything. I haven't tried milk, mainly because I haven't ever liked it, or ice cream. Since they're straight dairy I'm not to sure how it'll effect me. But I haven't really wanted either of those things. I'm honestly thankful that I can eat both of those things because I feel like I can give my baby nutrients that wouldn't have been possible on a restricted diet. And to be honest once I started eating those, I started to feel better. Didn't cure my sickness but it really helped. Right now, anything gluten or dairy free makes me gag...which is so ironic how things change. 

6. Being able to sleep: I figured with being pregnant and exhausted, I'd sleep like a rock. Nope, I barely sleep. I have had a few nights where I can sleep through the night but those are rare. I wake up so much that I never fall into a deep sleep. Most of the time I don't even wake up to pee. I'm just restless. And now I'm starting to enter into the phase of getting aches and pains. So my future with sleep isn't a very bright one. 

7. Gaining weight: Gaining weight is inevitable while pregnant. It's just healthy, well as long as it's healthy weight gain. Being really tiny before I got pregnant, gaining weight kind of scared me. But I know it's what's best for me and my baby, and I have fully accepted that my body is going to change and I'm okay with it. 
I am currently working on a post all about the weight subject in pregnancy. 

8. Constantly having aches and pains: It never crossed my mind about having growing pains during pregnancy. Now knowing it's a real thing and it makes sense. Since I'm smaller I'm going to feel every change my body goes through. I can tell when my belly is getting bigger because of the pains I have. It is miserable at times but during those times I just do my best to rest so my body can do what it needs to do. 

9. How uncomfortable and itchy my skin would be: I knew your belly would get itchy from stretching, but I wasn't prepared for literally my entire body to be itchy. I was so itchy early on that I broke skin and looked like I had hickies on my back. Also, I find most clothes to be uncomfortable. If there's a tag I rip it out. If the material isn't soft, I don't wear it.

10. Loving someone so much that I haven't even met yet: Okay, I know that I would have a deep love for my baby. But even early on, I felt such a love. It's really indescribable, but it's a love that I think only a parent feels. Just knowing that this little person is mine and is totally dependent on me just makes me feel so much. Everything I do is for her. And every single day that passes is one day closer until I get to meet her. I seriously can't wait.