Monday, May 25, 2015

Surprise! It's A......

If you follow me on either Facebook or Instagram you may already know.

But Caleb and I are expecting....

A baby girl!!!!!

I think she looks a lot like her daddy already! We love her so much, and are so blessed to be her parents. Can't wait to meet our baby girl! 

We went for the anatomy scan on Friday...I felt like I've been waiting for this day for forever. Thankfully my appointment was at 8am, because I just couldn't wait all day. We sat and watched our baby girl for a little over an hour. They took measurements checked specific things to make sure everything was developing right. The tech said everything looked good, but she takes everything to the doctors just to check everything over. At the end of the appointment she made us look away and she would see if we were having a boy or girl because we told her that we wanted to find out later. I was so impatient and kind of peaked...but didn't see anything because she was already done. Once she came back in and said that baby looks good, we were handed an envelope with the results. I can say that the car ride home was long, but also exciting. Caleb and I wanted to find out what our baby is just us. Well as soon as we got home he took that envelope and opened it and we read the results together......female...I saw those words and I cried! He was so happy too. All we could do is just hug each other and just celebrate our little girl. I was so emotional at the appointment because just seeing our baby, and hearing that everything looks good. Just makes me so happy. And when we found out it's a girl. I just was so overwhelmed with emotions. This whole time, I have had a gut feeling it was a girl. I told close family and friends that I wanted a girl. So of course everyone was saying we would have a boy....but for some reason I just felt differently. I think I was shocked that I was right and I knew all along. 

We wanted to reveal the gender to our families, so we had a little gender reveal party on Sunday. Everyone we invited we asked them to wear pink or blue. Caleb and I didn't wear either color just because we didn't want to give it away. Since most of our family thought it was a boy, they were pretty surprised when we revealed it was a girl. I was so giddy inside all day but had to hide it because I know I would give it away. 
She is going to be Caleb's parents second grandchild, but first granddaughter! They wanted it to be a girl, but thought we were having a boy. So I'm so happy we surprised them! 
I didn't get a chance to take many pictures yesterday at the party because I was to busy. But here are a few I took before people arrived. 

All along I had the idea I wanted to do "Tutus or Ties" mainly because of the Tutus. So Caleb and I made the banner to go above the cupcakes. 

We revealed the gender to everyone by using the balloons in a box. I think my pregnancy brain is effecting my lack of picture taking because usually I would have pictures of everything! My mom took pictures of us opening the box, so I will have to add them here when I get them. 

I just want to thank all of our family and friends that came out to find what we were expecting. It's amazing how much our little girl is loved already and how many people are excited to meet her!