Tuesday, May 19, 2015

19 Weeks

19 Weeks! One week away from being halfway. 
Baby is the size of a mango! 
Baby is starting to work on five senses, and likes to kick up a storm and it feels like somersaults. 
I am SO excited because this will be my last post not knowing if i'm having a sweet little girl or boy! Can't wait!

I posted this picture on Instagram a few days ago.

I never knew that I could have such a love for someone, that I haven't even met yet.  And with each passing day, is one day closer until I get to see your sweet little face. 

How far along? 19 Weeks

Total weight gain: I'm not sure, but my regular jeans are getting a tad tight...so defiantly some gaining there ;) 

Maternity clothes? Yes, but not everyday. Still use belly bands on my jeans...when I wear them. Some maternity shirts, and some regular if they're comfortable. I defiantly love wearing long dresses because I don't feel constricted. 

Stretch marks? Nope, still using that lotion! I use a mix of cocoa and shea butter lotions. 

Sleep: Not to great, lately I've been getting aches and pains because I always roll over on my back. 

Best moment of this week: This week really hasn't been to exciting, just a normal week. 

Miss anything? Energy. I feel like this is going to be a consistent complaint. I do get spurts of energy here and there so I try to use it wisely to clean or go run errands. But I usually crash.

Movement: Yes! It's a feeling that I have always wanted to feel. This little one seems to be more active at night...hopefully that doesn't mean I'll have a night owl on my hands come October ;) 

Food cravings:  Pasta salad, fruit salad, salad salad, and also lemon flavored things. I hate sour foods. But for some reason lemon has been appealing to me....okay....I just really want some lemon bars. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still the same as it has been, I can't do meat. I tried grilled chicken twice this week, both times I ended up feeling really queasy because of it. Carrots and avocados have been sickening since the beginning. I also still get pretty sick if I don't eat...even if I don't feel hungry at a mealtime, I have to eat something because I'll end up getting pretty sick later on. 

Gender Guesses: I'm back and forth. But just a few more days!!! 

Labor signs: No way!

Symptoms: Fatigue. I still have nausea throughout the day, which lately it has been worse than usual. Round ligament pain. Back pain. Heartburn.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: So moody...and emotional...still. 

Looking forward to: May 22nd! I am just so anxious to find out what this little one is! I really have no idea how some people don't find out until the baby is born....good for them for staying strong..because I just couldn't.