Tuesday, April 21, 2015

15 Weeks

15 Weeks!
Baby is the size of a Navel Orange
And is starting to move around a lot.

I'm really late on the 15 week update but life happens and it's been hard to find time. 

In these pictures I'm closer to 16 weeks. In all honesty from week 14 to 15, there wasn't to much of a difference. Until recently. I feel like my stomach has started to change and is a lot more noticeable. I know I'm not big at all yet, but it's been pretty uncomfortable for me. I guess with being really small, I'll notice a lot more changes sooner. 

I have also been dealing with morning sickness again. It started one night over the weekend and was terrible. I felt like I was in the first trimester all over again. I'm feeling a little better, but not as good as I was last week. I'm really hoping this is the last of it. 

(I've been using my iPhone so the picture quality isn't really good, soon I'll use a better camera!)

How far along? 15 Weeks 

Total weight gain: Unsure. I haven't been keeping track. I don't feel like I've gained that much just because I haven't been able to eat to much. 

Maternity clothes? I bought some Belly Bands! They are SO amazing. I was using the rubber band trick but it was way to uncomfortable. I'll link the website at the bottom of this post. Seriously, if you're pregnant....buy these! My jeans still fit me, except in the belly. Maternity jeans are huge at this point. So it's the perfect solution! 

Stretch marks? Nope, I use lotion morning and night.

Sleep: Horrible. I toss and turn...and the body pillow isn't helping me. Anyone have any suggestions....anyone...

Best moment of this week: Got my hair cut and pampered myself! My hair was horrible and just way to long. I love long hair but I have't been in the mood to deal with it.

Miss anything? Being able to eat a full meal. I have only been able to take a few bites and feel so full. Oh, and sleep. I miss that too.  

Movement: I may be crazy, and you can tell me I am. But you aren't me so anyways. I SWEAR I have felt little things here and there. 

Food cravings: Fruit, cheese, milk, chocolate, tomatoes, and fresh salad. My appetite for healthy food is starting to come back. At least I hope it is. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: I still can't handle meat. I tried crispy chicken this week, but felt queasy for the rest of the night. Avocado is disgusting, I hate typing it because I just get reminded. And I have to eat as soon as I'm hungry or I'm immediately sick. 

Gender Guesses: Not sure! But I have my guesses! And I'm SO curious to see if I have any sort of instinct. 

Labor signs: No way!

Symptoms: Heartburn, indigestion, acne, fatigue(but I feel like it's from not sleeping) super congested still. 

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: So moody....anything sets me off lately. I've been crying over nothing, and just getting annoyed with anything. 

Looking forward to: Spring weather!! And May! We have our Anatomy scan scheduled for May 22nd. And we get the gender confirmed then!! I totally have a countdown on my phone. 

Here's the link to the Belly Bands: http://www.bellybuttonband.com

Use this code to get $40 credit: BAO221241