Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How we told our parents

As soon as we found out we were expecting, we kept it to ourselves..for a day and a half...
Of course I was super early and anything can happen. But I really felt that having our close friends and family know would be nice to have their support no matter what. 
Before our parents found, My sister-in-law, and two best friends all came over the Tuesday after we found out to catch up and have girl time. I wasn't planning on telling them but...they found out because 1. Jenna just blurted out and asked if I had gotten my period and 2. I can't lie to them! So Becca (sister) burst into tears which made me cry. And then Sierra who came over a little later just knew I was. The next day we made it a point to tell our parents.

How we told our parents: 

We told our both parents within the same evening.  It helps that we live about 5 minutes from each! I wrote a letter to them, from baby: 

Of course they are all excited and happy! 

 Everyone that found out early on, already showed their love and support for this little one. Which was just an amazing feeling