Sunday, March 22, 2015

How I found out I was pregnant & How I told my Husband

This post may defiantly be more for the ladies since I highly doubt guys want to hear about monthly lady things. You're welcome :) 

Trying to think back two and half months ago is hard because they have been a blur. I think it's my brains way of trying to forget how I felt. 

It was a Sunday towards the end of January. I can't remember the exact date. The week before I wasn't really feeling the greatest, but I didn't think anything of it since my period was coming and I typically get all of the pms symptoms. Once my period was a couple days late I still didn't think much of it because I was sick(or so I though) with some stomach thing the week earlier. Usually if I get sick it delays it. But there were a few signs that I got that I NEVER get with my period. Usually my boobs are just sore. But this time they hurt so bad and felt like they were on fire. Also, I didn't mention any of this to Caleb not because I didn't want him to know. But I just didn't want to be one of those people who thinks every little thing meant that I was pregnant. 

So that weekend, I took a THREE hour nap...I have never been that tired in my life(apparently my body thought that was funny because now I'm even MORE tired) and I had no appetite. I did really want pizza and that Sunday my parents were having pizza at their house so I was pretty excited. Well I felt extremely sick after eating it...which rarely happens these days since I have a good control over my stomach. All Sunday I decided that I was just going to test because it was driving me crazy and if I wasn't pregnant then my body needed to really calm down. So that evening I drove to the store, picked up a test and planned to take it the next morning. But on my way home I got a pretty bad stomach cramp, so I just prayed. I can't remember what I prayed but I know I did. And as soon as I got home I ran inside to take the test...there was no way I was waiting til the morning. Caleb was on his way home from work at this time and I wanted to take it before he got home. Well as soon as I set that thing on the counter, two bright lines showed up. I was defiantly shocked...freaking out...half crying..half wanting to throw up. I only took one, I know some people take a lot but one was all the proof I needed. 
Once Caleb got home, I said nothing but to go up into our bathroom. So he did and he looked all around until he spotted the test on the sink. He was defiantly shocked but came over to me and smiled and hugged me. Of course then I started crying a lot. I wanted to tell him in a cute way..but with this being our first, there's no way I could keep that from him. So maybe our second I'll do a cute way. 

Up next, how we told our parents!