Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big News!!!!!!!

 We are setting the timer to welcome a little bundle of joy this Fall!!!

I have been keeping this a secret since January! Well if you follow me on pins were pretty obvious ;) 
Well not to family and close friends of course. We told them the week we found out. Even though I was super early, I wanted them to know because I know we would have their support. 

Ever since I started my blog years ago, I always knew one day I would want to document my pregnancy. I would spend WAY to much time reading other pregnancy blogs. But it's a way to look back and remember things that you might forget. So I'm not going to turn my entire blog into pregnancy...but I will be posting updates and things I find a long the way. 

Once I found out I was pregnant. I started writing drafts on here and just saving them. Just so I would remember everything I was experiencing. I was pretty sick and that's something I'm sure I won't forget. I've been pretty quiet on social media because I couldn't be on my computer or phone for more than a few minutes without feeling really sick. Now that I'm reaching my second trimester I've had days where I feel better and I cherish them! Because I know the next day might not be so good. 

So stay tuned because more updates will be coming!!!