Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Surprise Vintage Paris Themed Bridal Shower


That means hello in French ;) 

Two weekends ago I had my surprise Bridal Shower and I can't explain how pretty everything was! And it was exactly what I wanted. My Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids put together a Bridal Shower that was totally me. They combined Paris and Tiffany blue into a Vintage Paris theme! So Adorable! I'm just going to get right to the shower because I know you're probably dying to see the pictures! 

Let's start with my reaction to walking into my Bridal Shower. One of my Bridesmaids Sierra (pictured behind me) took me out shopping and we had plans to meet Becca(My Matron of Honor) at a new cute little Cafe that opened up in town. Was I surprised yes? I started to get a feeling later on in the day...but I had thoughts my shower was other times so I wasn't really certain. 

Taking in everything and seeing everyone, made me quite excited..obviously ;) 

The details! 

Food Table

Part of the gift table with favors.
Which I didn't get a picture of the favors but they were "Pearl Necklaces" made out of ribbon with white gum balls. They were super adorable and if I get a picture of them I'll just add it in.

Some of the table decor. 
One of Becca's friends was recently in Paris and took these pictures!!

They had guests sign envelopes with their name and address for the Thank You Cards. Seriously if you're throwing any type of shower it's always best to do this. Makes it much easier when writing Thank You Cards. 
Also guests wrote their Advice for me for a Happy Marriage on Post Cards that were all French Themed. Which I now have in a cute book. 

Okay so all of the food was gluten and dairy free. You see those pink things in the left hand corner? Macaroons. I have a serious LOVE for macaroons and so they made sure they incorporated them into my shower, and of course they fit the theme. if I wasn't totally loving everything, they brought out my cake.....
I was shocked!! It was so pretty and perfect! And yes those are gold flakes on it. It was pink on the inside. I just can't express how perfect everything was. All of my favorite things were incorporated into my shower. 

The day was filled with joy, happiness, and I defiantly felt showered with love! I can't thank everyone who was involved enough and put into words how blessed I feel to have all of the loving people in my life. 

Me and my lovely bridesmaids. Two of my bridesmaids are missing from this picture. But they both had a part in the shower as well. 

My sister, best friend, and Matron of Honor. She planned everything, of course with the help of the other girls. But she made this day happen. 

My Thank You Cards.

I know there are a lot of details that I didn't get a picture of because I didn't have my phone on me so I got pictures of others who were able to take pictures. 
Thank you to everyone who was able to come to my shower. 

One step closer to the big day!!!