Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm Officially a Lover of Rose Gold!

I've been waiting weeks to write this post. Remember when I said I can't keep a secret? Yeah I've been holding in this beauty.....


So my old ring, Caleb had it a YEAR before we got engaged. We have been engaged for 2.5 my ring wasn't exactly new when it came time to find a wedding band to fit. We shopped a few months ago for our bands. Caleb found his, but I couldn't find one that I felt like fit my ring. So we went back, and they literally went through almost every wedding band they had. Nothing worked...
I was beyond stressed and tired of trying things that might work. And also I was so upset because I felt like I would never find anything. 
So they asked us if we ever thought about upgrading and getting a ring with a wedding band. Uh yeah I thought about that, but for like our 5 or 10 year wedding anniversary. 
I told Caleb that, that would be HIS choice and so obviously he decided that we could upgrade it now. I started trying other rings, rings were obviously pretty but nothing stood out....until Caleb spotted this one. It was brand new, literally they just got it in that week. I've always been a white gold lover, and a three stone setting so this was something I never considered. I have seen Rose Gold rings and thought they were pretty but didn't think I could pull it off, But I tried it because he picked it. 
I was in love...
I mean come on, it's literally pink gold!!!!
And the look in his eyes when I put it on, I knew it was the one...well second one. 

Am I little sad that I had to give up my first ring? Yes. I actually teared up when they took it away (I'm just a tad emotional) But something that I'll take away from this experience was that things will always work out. Seriously, we have had so many blessings happen all these months leading up to the wedding. That I just get so emotional thinking about it. 

Here's a closer picture of it. You can kind of tell it's rose gold in this picture better. This was as soon as we went to pick it up!